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The Jazz of Sales - Enterprise Sales Deal Strategy with 3 Primary Variables

Deal Strategy | 3 Primary Variables
Thursday, July 12th- 1 pm ET

Reducing the risk of a deal with increased forecast accuracy.

Enterprise Sales is sometimes called the Complex Sale.  At a basic level, our friends at Sales Hacker define a complex sale as:

Interchangeably used with Enterprise Sales, a complex sale is typically a long sales cycle deal (sometimes longer than 12 months) that requires an RFP (request for proposal) and then winning that proposal against a sea of competitive sellers. Complex sales have large contract values and contain multiple decision makers and stake holders.

But it doesn’t have to be complex with an approach that is systematic, collaborative and holistic using these 3 primary variables:

Time | Aligning with the Buyer to time the closing of the transaction.
Position | Knowing your exact location at all times while executing the transaction.
Velocity | Managing the energy required to successfully close the transaction.

Breaking it down - a short 15 min Enterprise deal strategy crash course using Time, Position & Velocity to reduce the risk of missing your forecast or even losing to your competition.

About the Presenter | John Stopper
Founder & CEO, NorthStar Performance Strategies

John is the developer of Compass Selling which is a system for winning Enterprise Sales opportunities designed for the next generation of Sales Leaders, High-Performing Sales Professionals, and their Companies.

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