Just in time for Valentine's Day!

More features and new things to love from Cirrus Insight.

Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Cirrus Insight's suite of productivity tools has grown, with options now available for Gmail and Outlook -- with or without Salesforce! Check out our new pricing plans, with features we hope will win your heart. This includes:

  • Document Tracking:  Know what happens to your documents after you send them with our fully featured Attach.io app.  

  • Enterprise Scheduling: Create customer-facing scheduling pages to book meetings for you and your team. Design custom pages for special events, complete with your logo, brand colors, and more.  
  • Automated Email Sync: Tired of hitting "Add to Salesforce"? With automated email sync, every message you send can be auto-logged and attached to your Salesforce leads and contacts.  
  • Color-Coded Calendar Sync: Indicate what meetings you want syncing to Salesforce using color coding in your Google calendar.  
  • Mass Emails from Gmail: Send up to 500 emails at once using a Salesforce email template.  
  • New Record Button: Create new records easily from anywhere  with the + button in the Cirrus Insight sidebar in Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365.  
  • My Lists: Bring your Salesforce custom list views into the sidebar and manage your opportunities, cases, and accounts right in Gmail + Outlook.  
  • Faster & Longer Sync: We're now even better, faster, stronger! As of today, the sync interval has been reduced to 5 minutes and will capture calendar events up to a year in the future.  
  • Salesforce Tab in Your Google Calendar: A new view on the Google Calendar event page where you can fill in custom fields and relate events to opportunities, cases, and more.

These are just some of the features we've added. Check out our new pricing page to select a plan that's right for your organization!