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Sales 101: How to Create and Verify your Ideal Customer Profile

Sales 101: How to Create and Verify your Ideal Customer Profile

By Cirrus Insight on Jul 18, 2016

Every person that has ever worked in sales knows that there is one priority: increasing the quality of leads.

Someone could think that it’s not a big deal.

At first, it can be tempting to think that if you want to have more qualified leads, you should reach a wider audience. The more people know about your product or services, the more of them will be willing to buy it, right?

But this solution wouldn’t work. It would mean that you need to work twice as much or to hire another person. It’s not an efficient solution.

Luckily, there is one way to increase the quality of leads without the additional work. From this post, you’ll learn how to create an ideal customer profile so you can put all your efforts to contacting people who will most likely buy your product or service.


What is an ideal customer profile

The definition of an ideal customer profile is simple. It’s a person or a business that needs your product because they will benefit from it. At the same time, it’s someone who will bring the biggest revenue to your business.

An ideal customer profile is a fictional customer that you’ll have in mind when you are planning your sales and marketing strategy, a customer that will more likely be interested in your offer and a further purchase.

For example, if you want to sell vintage bicycles, your ideal customer profile would be Mary Jones, age 28. Mary has a college education and is interested in sports and art. She values social connection with people and loves spending her time hiking. She likes to stand out from the crowd. She lives in a big city and her challenge is to combine living in the city with the healthy lifestyle.

The more you know about them, the better. As long as you know what’s your ideal customer’s personal background, goals, identifiers and experience, you’ll be able to reach right people and tailor your offer to their needs!


How to create your ideal customer profile

If you just opened your business, you have to predict who is your ideal customer. But the moment you do it, you’ll have to do a market research and confront it with your assumptions.

It’s much easier if you already have customers. In such case, you can check which type of a client represents the biggest number in your database and which one brings the biggest income. That client is most likely your ideal customer and a target for future marketing activities.

To define your ideal customer, you have to look at your buyers and check their demographics(define what is their age, gender, income), psychographics ( personality type, preferences) and behavior (what are their similar likes and dislikes, sports, hobbies).

This information can be found in a very easy way: you can install Google Analytics on your website, or you can manually find this info on social media sites. Every social media channel has its characteristics, so choose the one that fits your business the most. Then you can check what are your customers posting, what they like and learn about their pain points.

B2B companies should also note characteristics like number of employees, location, type of business, budget and main pain points. You should also figure out how you can help these companies to solve their problems.

Sales 101: How to Create and Verify your Ideal Customer Profile

How to verify who is your match

Many businesses create their ideal customer profiles and then put all their efforts and money into marketing. It can be a really bad decision as before investing in marketing, you need to find out if the ideal customer profile that you’ve created is really your match.

It’s not that easy to verify information about other companies. However, there is one trick helping to do that. Here’s what according to Emilia Mosiewicz, LiveChat Sales Director, you can do to check if your B2B ideal customer is right:

  1. Find a list of potential clients within your ideal customer profile (simple Google search can help you to do that).
  2. Find the decision makers in those companies. You can do it using LinkedIn as it provides a list of employees of a certain company.
  3. Find their email addresses using tools like SellHack or LeadIQ.
  4. Draft an email campaign. Include information that you’d love to verify if your product can help them or solve their problems. You can ask them for feedback or tell that you’d love to schedule a meeting to talk about it. You can send such emails automatically thanks to apps like MailChimp or Woodpecker.
  5. Once you start the campaign, you will have to track how many positive responses you have received and as soon as you get it – you can schedule a call with a prospect.

A great thing about this solution is that it can also be used by B2C companies. In such case it’s much easier as you don’t have to gather information about decision makers, you just contact your prospects directly.

Another great thing of such strategy is that it will help you to verify if your ideal customer profile is right. If you get many positive reviews, then congratulations, your ideal customer profile works!

But if you receive many negative comments, you should reconsider change of a customer profile or think about upgrading your product or services.


Don’t be afraid to change your strategy

The fact that you have already established who your ideal customer is doesn’t mean that it won’t change. As your business will grow, your products and service will change, your customers will also grow and their needs will become different.

That’s why you always need to ask yourself a couple of very important questions:

  • Why people need my product or service?
  • Did they needs change?
  • Did the market change?
  • How is my competition doing? Who are their ideal customers?

As long as you’re not afraid to ask questions and adapt to your customers, you will always have a successful marketing strategy, and you will always have many qualified leads.


Justyna is a content writer, marketer and self-proclaimed philosopher. She writes about customer service, social media and marketing on LiveChat blog. She also hosts Business Sidekick podcast about growing startups and online businesses.

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