Search in Salesforce - to find what you need

Today we released a couple great new enhancements that we've been very excited to unveil. Quite a few people have been asking for this for weeks and we're happy to deliver. Until now users could log emails to open Opportunities and Cases that were related to the contact in the email. This has been the most popular feature in the app by a wide margin and it's worked great. But of course, your jobs are more complicated than that and you need a way to relate emails to other people and also Opportunities or Cases that may not be directly related to that person.

Search and Find Other Contacts

Now you can search for another person in salesforce from within Cirrus Insight and relate emails to that person even if they're not on the original email. There's a new search icon displayed to the right of a person's name in the Cirrus Insight sidebar. When you click that you'll be able to search for another Lead or Contact in Salesforce and then choose the right one from the list. Once you've selected the new person, we display their profile from Salesforce in the sidebar just as you would see any other person. We'll also display their open Activities, Activity History, Open Opportunities and Open Cases. If you work with sales partners or support partners, this is probably something you've been looking for for a while. As a new email comes in, you want to relate that email back to the partner that you're working with on that particular ticket or deal.        

Search for Any Opportunity or Case

Conversations with your customers don't stop when a Case closes or an Opportunity is won. It's important to be able to enhance the customer context as conversations continue and now you can do that right from Gmail. When you click the "Add to Salesforce" button next to an email you want to log, we show you the familiar Add to Salesforce dialog - with a twist. Even if you don't have any open Opportunities or Cases, you'll see this dialog where you can change the subject line that will be saved to Salesforce - and you can search for any Opportunity or Case. [caption id="attachment_1044" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Opportunity search results[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1045" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Case search results[/caption] And of course, when you choose an Opportunity or Case from the search results, the email will be logged in to Salesforce, related to both the chosen Opportunity or Case and the Lead or Contact record displayed in the sidebar.