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The Best of Brandon Bruce's Interviews

The Best of Brandon Bruce's Interviews

Maddy Osman

By Maddy Osman on Mar 29, 2018

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Brandon's been interviewed hundreds of times and we've compiled some of his best advice.

Brandon Bruce very much acts as the face behind the company and is sought-after as a resource on anything from sales best practices, entrepreneurship, founding a startup, and even the local business community in Tennessee.

He has a lot to share and has shared a lot of (Cirrus) insights in just the past few months!

Here’s a look at the best of Brandon Bruce’s interviews—and why you should give them a listen.

5 Ways to Create The Perfect Business Proposal for Sweet Fish Media


Although this particular Sweet Fish Media podcast episode focuses on Brandon Bruce’s tips for creating the perfect business proposal, it’s not the first time that he’s been interviewed for this podcast! Make sure to also check out this 2017 episode called, “How to Slow Down (and Borrow Valuable Lessons from Your Marketing Team)” and this Sweet Fish Media article featuring Bruce’s insights, How to Solve the $14 Billion CRM Debacle.

Entrepreneurial Insights on the Better Businesses Webinar

More interested in Brandon Bruce’s entrepreneurial insights? Check out these new and innovative business solutions that can be implemented in minutes, as part of a partnership with Better Businesses.

Preparation and Endurance Enable Success for Sales Tuners


Brandon finds joy in doing the repetitive tasks many sales rep dread doing. He’s also the type of person who finds joy in endurance sports like racing a bicycle 508 miles across Death Valley. Regardless of whether you question his sanity, following the process and doing those ‘dreaded’ tasks is what it takes to finish races and yield high sales results—check out the podcast episode for Sales Tuners.

How to Bring the Power of Salesforce to Your Inbox With Cirrus Insight for Brainiate


If you’re new to using Cirrus Insight, this Brainiate podcast offers an insightful look at using the tool, straight from Brandon Bruce’s mouth!

Brandon Bruce of Cirrus Insight for SouthFound


Cirrus Insight’s main office is in Knoxville, Tennessee and we’re very involved in the local community. Listen in as Brandon shares the Cirrus Insight origin story, including the important role their early clients played in their solutions development and why he feels that entrepreneurship is a worthwhile effort.

Sales is an Endurance Sport for Andy Paul and Onward Nation


Brandon Bruce has a lot to say on this particular topic, so he talked about it twice! Once, for Onward Nation, then again recently for Andy Paul.

Making Cirrus Moves to Grow Your Business for The Nice Guys on Business Podcast


Whoever said that nice guys finish last have obviously not met Brandon! For The Nice Guys on Business podcast, Brandon Bruce shares how he confronted and moved past his own SaaS business challenges.

Integrations that Save Sales Reps Times for Push Pull Sales & Marketing


For Push Pull Sales and Marketing, Brandon Bruce discusses how sales reps can save time and companies can speed up the sales process. They also discuss CRM integration, email marketing flows, and app fatigue in the business place.

You Can't Build a Relationship inside a CRM - How Cirrus Insight Hacked the CRM for Sales Gravy


With noteworthy keynote speaker and author Jeb Blount, Brandon Bruce shares how Cirrus Insight found the secret to getting salespeople to update the CRM.

How to Get “Middle of the Pack” Reps to Higher Quota Attainment for Gong.io

This Brandon Bruce interview is short and sweet—check it out on Twitter.

How a Smart Idea for a Chrome Extension Led to a $10 Million Run Rate for Cirrus Insight for Growth Everywhere

For Growth Everywhere, Brandon Bruce discusses how a smart idea for a Chrome extension led to a $10 million run rate, how passing out simple postcards at conferences got 1,000 people to join their pilot program (which turned into 500 paying customers), and what they did to reduce churn rates.

Rise and Grind Event for UT Research Foundation

As mentioned above, Cirrus Insight and Brandon Bruce love getting involved with the local community. Check out this video snippet from a recent Rise and Grind event:

And a longer event recap if you’re interested in learning more.

Higher Ed Summit Wrap Up


Finally, Brandon got a nice mention in a presentation for the Higher Ed Summit. Check out the slides (we’re on page 27 & 28)!

Final Thoughts: Best of Brandon Bruce Interviews

After building a Fortune 5000 business, Brandon Bruce has a lot to share for budding entrepreneurs, startup founders, and sales managers, alike.

Add these podcasts to your queue and stay tuned for future Brandon Bruce knowledge drops!


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