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The Easiest Way to Improve Salesforce Adoption

The Easiest Way to Improve Salesforce Adoption

Erika Desmond

By Erika Desmond on Jul 25, 2018

The consensus number one issue with is unbelievably consistent - 80% of Senior executives say their biggest CRM challenge is getting their staff to use the software.

Poor user adoption, more than anything else, adversely impacts client return-on-investment from the product. This despite the fact that almost half of companies have in place a comprehensive adoption strategy.

The Easiest Way to Improve Salesforce Adoption

The underlying cause of poor adoption? The unfair and unrealistic expectation that sales reps should (and for that matter - will) manually log every call, email, stage update, meeting, and meaningful sales activity they make in their CRM with meticulous detail and perfect accuracy.

Asking a sales rep to make time-consuming data entry a required part of his or her day-to-day is like asking your engineering department to jump in on the next call blitz - or requiring your accounting department to write daily social media posts on 5 different channels.

It’s ludicrous. It’s expensive. And it’s sapping your business’s most important investment - its talent - of their two most precious resources: time and motivation.

How much does Salesforce really cost if you include the price of manual data entry?

Let’s come at this question from a different angle.

The out-of-the-box workflow for Salesforce is manual data entry. By requiring your sales team to manually enter data into Salesforce, you are needlessly ushering in the following core problems into your sales organization:

  • Inefficient workflow.
  • Inaccurate sales reporting.
  • Negative return-on-investment from your key technology investment (CRM).
  • Decreased sales team morale.

Failing to invest in a sales automation tool like Cirrus Insight is the most surefire way to drive up total cost of your Salesforce investment and drive down return-on-investment.

Once you account for things like lost time on sales activities, the numbers become very significant.

Let’s say your average inside sales rep makes a $40,000 base salary and performs 40 hours of sales activities each week. Now, let’s be generous and suppose that manual data entry costs each rep 4 hours of selling team each week, on average.

A team with 50 reps is now losing 200 hours of selling time each week. And because human error is a biological inevitability, those wasted hours still result in erroneous sales forecasts, pipelines, and overall reporting on the business metrics tied to revenue. And you’re spending $4,000 per month to create these costly detriments to your business on Salesforce seat licenses!

The good news - sales tools like Cirrus Insight automate data entry right from your inbox. They are more affordable, more powerful, and more pivotal to your organization than ever before. Let’s look at how.

The Solution: Integrate G-Suite and Outlook with Salesforce

At Ambition, we worked with hundreds of sales organizations and call centers who used and contacted us looking to sync their sales team activity data onto Ambition.

To ensure the sales activity data being logged in was high quality, we eventually mandated that prospective clients who used also use a tool like Cirrus Insight, a VOiP system like Tenfold (or both) to be certified as a qualified sales opportunity.

The reason? Nearly every single one of our initial clients who used Salesforce and required manual data entry from their reps had major data accuracy issues.

There goes accurate sales forecasting. Goodbye effective pipeline management. Sayonara easy, effective sales workflows and coaching.

There’s a reason companies like Shopify, Gusto, HootSuite, News Corp and the Girl Scouts use Cirrus Insight to ensure the maximum possible data quality was in our CRM. To enable our reps to work at warp speed, with maximum productivity, performing high-value activities.

The Easiest Way to Improve Salesforce Adoption

The key thing here is - you’re not paying your reps to spend 30% of their time doing non-sales activities like entering data in Salesforce. Your reps, by all accounts, have zero desire to spend 30% of their time doing activities that aren’t directly impacting commission and quota.

To borrow a phrase from the former coach of my alma mater, not adopting a tool like Cirrus Insight in 2018 is like asking your sales team to perform “leadership reps.” It’s insulting, diminishing to morale, and ultimately going to doom your hard-won efforts - as a team - to failure.

It’s very simple, folks. Adopt a tool like Cirrus Insight. Sync it to your Salesforce instance. Go through the setup process (it’s the easiest, most intuitive on the market) and start getting massive, tangible benefits across your organization.

  • Hyper-efficient workflow.
  • Dead-on accurate sales reporting.
  • Higher return-on-investment from your key technology investment (CRM).
  • Increased sales team morale.

Don’t overthink this. Just do it. It’s the number one investment you as a Salesforce-using sales team can make.

Why I Use Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is the original company to integrate Salesforce and Gmail. They have rigorously refined its functionality, creating the rarest of software - an enterprise-grade app that's as easy to use as a consumer app. Cirrus Insight creates high-value for management and is easy to use for reps — providing maximum value for minimum time investment. Some highlights of the functionality:

  • Installs in seconds
  • No IT or admin required
  • Powerful, easy to use features
  • Instant ROI (and gratification) of integrating Salesforce with Gmail, Outlook, and Google Apps

You can read more in depth about how Cirrus Insight boosts Salesforce user adoption in a past blog post, or get started improving user adoption by contacting the Cirrus sales team for more information.

Are you a Salesforce user?

Ever wish you could do all this without leaving your inbox? With Cirrus Insight, you can.

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