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Top 5 Sales Training & Demo Tools

The top 5 sales training and demo tools by ZynBit's Derek Wyszynski that all sales teams should consider to help elevate your demo and brand story. Working in today's buyer world, sales professionals in 2018 are looking to find ways to incorporate marketing and story into their process. Sales reps can utilize tools such as these to be smart about how they demo and train their customers and how organizations train sales teams to succeed in 2018.  To stand out from the crowd, the story must be unique, entertaining, and provide value and let's face it's crowded out there!

  1. ScreenCast- Screencast has a free or paid option to easily create videos from your screen capture.
  2. Pixton-  Everyone can make a comic or storyboard
  3. Powtoon-Animated Videos and Presentations
  4. Meme Generator - Elevate your social media posts with personalized Memes.
  5. Gif Maker- short video burst that gets your message across!

*Bonus Tool- Air Server- screen share your mobile device in real time! 

But, we can't just write about these things, we need to show you. Check out Derek's video mashup of the top tools for sales training and bringing your demo story to life.

Amy Green
Amy Green

Marketing Director at Cirrus Insight

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