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ZynBit for Salesforce Introduces Sales Process Analytics with ZynCal

November 30th, 2017

ZynBit introduces a new way to analyze sales cycles and create workflow efficiency.  By mapping the customer journey to meetings and opportunities, sales executives can more accurately predict revenue based on deal progress.  With Calendar Scheduling, sales reps can fill their calendars with qualified customer meetings while sales managers gain real time insight into opportunity stages.

Intelligently connect customer meetings to your sales pipeline to #WinWithData [Tweet this]

One of the top issues plaguing sales managers is their ability to institute a unified sales process across the entire sales force and measure it. With Calendar Scheduling, sales managers can accomplish three key priorities:

  1. Customer meetings and calendar events tied directly to opportunity stages offering real time insight into sales progress.
  2. Customer meetings automatically captured into Salesforce for activity tracking.
  3. Reps can seamlessly share calendar availability with prospects and customers to fill their day with quality meetings without the data entry.

“Sharing your calendar or free/available time isn’t a new concept, but what’s been missing is the ability to intelligently map customer meetings to the sales process” said Phil Dixon, Founder, and CEO at ZynBit.  With Calendar Scheduling, sales managers can define a sales process from start to finish and enable reps to share specific meeting links with customers. “We’re killing three birds with one stone; sales process management, pipeline activity tracking and calendar booking efficiency,” said Dixon.  “We’re trying to move the industry beyond productivity apps and manual data collection.  The future of sales should be about helping experts connect with customers in an intelligent way while deriving insights to propel the businesses forward.  It’s what we call, Winning with Data.”

Meetings Drive Sales Process

Calendar Scheduling is seamlessly integrated with Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail, with the ability to synchronize meeting data with Salesforce CRM.  “One of the more advanced features our customers have requested is the ability to send calendar meetings and automatically relate them back to specific Salesforce opportunities.  “Thus far, we’re primarily focused on the efficiency and analytics this innovation brings to sales teams, but it will be interesting to see how marketing teams can leverage this level of insight into the sales process,” said Dixon.

Calendar Scheduling works with the entire ZynBit portfolio; Sidebar, ZynTrack, ZynMobile and Sync combining workflow efficiency with customer intelligence seamlessly integrated with your inbox and Salesforce.”

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