5 of the Best Sales Deals and Decisions in History


How can you tell the difference between a good sales and a bad one? You want to see how much you gained, but you also want to consider how you’ve impacted the relationship with your business partner.

A good sales deal or decision leaves both parties benefiting and helps build a positive relationship. One side might still end up better than the other, or there might be a falling out later, but all of these deals helped both groups.

Like the 5 of Worst Sales Deals and Decisions we covered, these have lessons to teach about being successful in business and the importance of cooperation and foresight. Let’s dive in and see what we can discover from these past successes.


Louisiana Purchase

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One Connector App to Rise Above the Rest: Cirrus Insight and Email Integration


It’s no surprise that months ago, Salesforce creator and CEO Marc Benioff turned down Microsoft’s 55-billion dollar buyout offer; the CRM’s ability to nearly monopolize the market is unprecedented, as well as its ability to deliver sound updates, and robust user-functionality that allows for mass data collection for marketing-development and sales teams to use to their benefit.

With hundreds of thousands of end-users spread all over the globe, Salesforce’s network extends far beyond the reach of any other competitor in the CRM world. This leaves it obvious as to why Benioff declined Microsoft: when you’re ahead of everyone else in the game, why would you cash out?

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Worst Ways to Fail at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is coming up quick and our whole office is excited.

We’ve already talked about how to succeed at Dreamforce and maximize your experience.

You can still use our promo code or enter into our drawing for a free pass to go. We give away a free pass each week and you can sign up for our Happy Hour and join us for free beer, cool swag, and a magician.

We thought we’d also share the worst mistakes you can make as well. We haven’t experienced all of these personally, though we’ve had some close calls. Hope you don’t make any of the mistakes we have. (See if you can guess which ones we went through).

*Please Note: Humor is in Play*


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そんな時こそCirrus Insight 4.3がお役に立ちます。当社にはそれだけでも強固で適切な電子メールトラッキング機能がありますが、つい最近それに返信トラッキング強化型電子メールアナリティクスを加えたばかりです。今回のリリースには、以下の機能が含まれています。

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5 of the Worst Business Deals and Decisions

Brooklyn Bridge Sunset

“Interested in buying the Brooklyn Bridge? I know a guy who can sell it to you. He’s also a Nigerian prince. Normally, only sells to elderly ladies, but I’m sure he’ll make an exception for you to get this great deal,” said the sleazy salesman.

Over the centuries there’s been a lot of bad business deals. How bad a choice is depends on your position in the deal, that sleazy salesman is pretty happy when he gives you that fake deed, but you're left feeling the fool. These are 7 of the worst ones which left at least one side kicking itself in hindsight having lost out massively.

See what lessons you can learn about business from these horrible choices.


Treaty of Tordesillas

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Maximizing the Dreamforce Experience


Excited for Dreamforce 2015? It’s only the San Diego Comic-Con of Salesforce users. (If you’re not going, here’s why you should). This year is going to be the biggest one yet with an expected almost 150 thousand attendees.

Going to Dreamforce is like going to Disney World. You can’t go do it all. But you can do a lot. We’ve been a few times and have tips from our veterans to help you maximize your Dreamforce experience.

Also, make sure to come see us while you’re there! We’re hosting a happy hour with free beer, cool swag, and a live magician, so you’ll want to register for that now.


Plan Ahead

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Giving Back is Where it’s At!


Here at Cirrus Insight, we've been running a Dreamforce Pass Giveaway each week for the past month or so.  A few weeks ago, Eric Dreshfield (see bio below) won one of our passes and fully embraced the Dreamforce spirit of giving back.  Read his story here:


Dreamforce 2015 will be my fifth Dreamforce. For many people who have attended Dreamforce, that means my years attending included Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blondie & Green Day, and Bruno Mars & Cake.  For me, the numbers guy that I am, it means 46,000 people, 92,000 Salesforce enthusiasts, 120,000 Admins & Developers, and 135,000 of my closest friends!

But it’s not really the band, or how many people attend that’s important.  What really matters is the impact we all can make on others. Now I know people who have attended Dreamforce before, or people who are familiar with Salesforce’s philanthropic ways, already get it. They know what 1-1-1 means. But just in case we have one reader who doesn’t know about that, here’s the real deal – Giving Back is Where It’s At! It means helping others when you can. It means donating money, time or talent.

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10 of the Best Free Experiences


Want free entertainment? Knowledge? Life experience? Everything tends to cost something, but there are ways to get something for nothing (or at least not money).

We’ve made a list of 9 great things or experiences you can have to help you enjoy and grow in life.


1. Watch Free Classic and Important Films

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Differences in Mobile and Desktop Email Usage

smart phone

Knowing how and when people use access their email is important as a salesperson. These factors play into whether or not you’ll get a reply on your email, and can give you a better idea of what’s going when you don’t get a reply.

If you use software like Cirrus Insight, which has email scheduling, tracking, and analytics features, then having an understanding of the human behaviors influencing your numbers can give you an idea of what to expect and where you can improve.

Mobile has changed how we interact with email and how email is used throughout the day. Let’s see what lessons we can learn from the stats.


Stats of Major Trends in Email

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