Improve Data Quality in Salesforce: Webinar with Traction on Demand


Have you ever been trying to find a client or business in Salesforce and struggled for your searches to get any returns?Or even worse, had twenty duplicates for the same person show up? Does your team know the best ways of updating Salesforce to give you the data you actually need?

Cirrus Insight is teaming up with Traction on Demand to teach you how to improve your data governance and quality in Salesforce.

We’ll also be giving away a FREE PASS to Dreamforce (valued at $1,999) to one lucky attendee!

You should go ahead register for the webinar on Tuesday, July 14 at 1:00 PM EDT.

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Advantages Salespeople Have Over Other Singles

So you’re a salesperson and you’re single. You actually have an advantage, because of how much sales skills carry over into dating. However, as you can see in the clip above, not every sales technique transfers over.

Let’s take a look at what does translate and see if we can turn your sales chops into top romance (or skilled romance into fantastic selling if you’re coming at this from the other angle).


How to Handle First Contact

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Picking the Brain of Google’s Cofounder Larry Page


I wish I could say I directly interviewed Larry Page, Google’s co-founder and CEO.

But I did the second best thing. I wanted to know what goes on in the head of someone like that, so I found a great interview he did for TED last year.

I doubt you have 25 minutes to watch a full interview (if you do, then you can just scroll the button and see it yourself), so I went ahead and made a summary of all the major points and interesting tidbits.

We at Cirrus Insight are all about saving you time, that’s why we bring Salesforce into your email inbox, but let’s go ahead and plunge into the brain of Google’s CEO.


What is Google’s Goal?

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Quick Tip to Help Optimize Salesforce for Sales


You use Salesforce. You’re a company that has customers who pay you for a service or product, so having a CRM to keep track of everything makes perfect sense.

Maybe you even go one small step farther and use Salesforce for logging and closing deals. I mean it’s designed for sales, right?

Perhaps, we’re being a little too nitpicky, but if we’re agreed that the primary point of Salesforce is to make sales, why do they place the Opportunities so far down on the Salesforce page layout?

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6 Frequent Mistakes in Sales Negotiating


It’s been a slow summer month for sales. All your prospects are on vacation, and the AC hasn’t been working well in your office. But you finally get someone who’s interested! They like your pitch and want to start negotiating. You charge ahead, ready to finally get a sale that week.

Next thing you know, you’ve lost them. What went wrong? Everything seemed like it was going great.

Sales Negotiating is just as tricky as any other part of the sales process. We at Cirrus Insight know it’s challenging and want to make your sales process as smooth as possible. Here’s 6 frequent mistakes that can derail a deal right when you thought it was pulling into the station.

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6 Tech Items and Wearables from the Future


Wearables and high tech items are becoming increasingly important for business in today’s world. Smartwatches and glasses will be key tools in the future.

We at Cirrus Insight thought you’d enjoy seeing some of what’s coming down the line for your business, as well as a few items that are simply cool to hear about. Not all of these items are on the market yet, but they will be soon.

With that in mind, here’s 6 cool upcoming tech items or wearables.

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Native Salesforce vs Cirrus Insight: A Personal Story From After the Crash

Businessman sinking in heap of documents

My name is Kegan Rinard and I'm an Outbound Sales Specialist at Cirrus Insight.

Last week, I was unable to use our app for an afternoon. The experience was eye-opening for me.

To be frank, my experience working with Salesforce’s native functionality without the assistance of a connector app is minimal at best. The app’s ability to link our Salesforce database with our Gmail client is integral in our marketing development model, both internally and through marketing outreach.

Coming from the latter end, I live in my inbox when it comes to managing tasks, adding leads and contacts directly to Salesforce, having a sophisticated hold on my activity history, and all the while selling. The link is seamless, and by nature, it nearly ruined me for using Salesforce’s native functionality that encapsulated manual BCC function when it came to logging emails to Salesforce, and copying and pasting all of my contacts information from my email to Salesforce.

I was naive.

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Do You Always Know What to Do Next to Close a Deal?


Do you always know what you're suppose to do next to close a deal? How about all the specifics of all the deals you're working on?

You’re busy. You’ve got a lot of different clients to work with and a mountain of tasks you’re tearing through. It’s hard to keep track of every opportunity and what’s going on. Maybe something falls through the cracks, or maybe you just have a supervisor who keeps asking when things are happening, and it’s hard to answer right away.

How would you like a quick view of where each opportunity is for yourself and your manager?

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Exploring the AppExchange: A Periodic Table of Apps


Salesforce first launched their AppExchange in 2005. Think Itunes for CRM.

Salesforce knows it can’t handle every little need or desire that their customers have, so they created an avenue to give others a chance to make everyone happy. Everyone being the approximately over 2 million users Salesforce has. The Exchange worked too. The AppExchange has grown to have more than 2,700 applications available.

Out of all those apps, we at Cirrus Insight have been trying hard to be the most reviewed app on the entire marketplace.

Thus far, we’ve failed.

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Know Everything About the Salesforce Small Business Big Impact Contest


Have a company of under 100 employees? Would you like the chance to go to Dreamforce for free? How about marketing assistance from Salesforce? A shot at 25,000 of Salesforce product?

Then sign up for Salesforce’s Small Business Big Impact Contest.

Salesforce is looking for small businesses that are changing the world and the game in their field. If you feel your business has a wide and positive reach for both your customers and community, then go ahead and enter.

As a small business that partners with Salesforce, Cirrus Insight knows how valuable Salesforce can be.

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