Optimize Your Sales Processes for Productivity and Revenue at Sales Stack 2015

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Event title: Sales Stack 2015 presented by Sales Hacker

Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm + happy hour

Location: Pier 27, San Francisco, CA

Cirrus Insight is proud to be a sponsor of Sales Stack!

Join us, over 60 vendors, and close to 1,000 salespeople at the inaugural Sales Stack event in San Francisco on November 10th.

Register here to save 20%

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How a Harvard Researcher Thinks You Should Motivate Salespeople


Motivating salespeople is an essential task for any business. Your salespeople directly influence the bottom line of your entire business, but give them too many incentives and your business costs shoot up. Give them too little and they’re not motivated enough to sell. How do you find the right middle ground?

Dr. Doug J. Chung, a researcher at the Harvard Business School, wrote an in-depth article on what the research has been showing which is a great, albeit long, read.

The biggest takeaways? Quota caps and increases on high performers are harmful. Cumulative quotas that last all year, but also have short term goals, are likely to be effective for everyone in your organization.

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Chattanooga Startup Week: Startup Sales Summit and AA-ISP Tennessee Kickoff

Start-Up-Week-Chat-440x220 (1)

We're thrilled to be hosting an event at this year's Chattanooga Startup Week with the help of our friends at Ambition. The Startup Sales Summit and AA-ISP Tennessee Kickoff will be one of the premiere events of the week, featuring networking opportunities and an elite panel of startup sales leaders. 


Come enjoy free food and drink as well as hear Jared Houghton (Ambition), Brandon Bruce (Cirrus Insight), and Ted Alling (Lamp Post Group) speak on how to close more deals and generate sustainable revenue for your growing business.


We're also using this time to officially kick off the Tennessee chapter of AA-ISP, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. Jeremy Boudinet and Noah Cudzilo from Ambition have taken over as President and Vice-President of the chapter. With influential business personalities like Gary Vaynerchuk and others seeing Chattanooga as an excellent location for doing business in the 21st century, our AA-ISP chapter didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to make the city synonymous with inside sales as well!

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Top 4 Complaints of Salesforce Adoption


So your organization has decided to bring everyone onto Salesforce. There’s no way a major platform change across your organization could cause any problems!

Alright, sarcasm aside. Many organizations struggle with Salesforce adoption long after their initial on-boarding. Why is that? Because while Salesforce is fantastic for organizations overall, it is is struggle for the workers on the ground. Once you understand why people are having trouble adopting Salesforce, you’ll be able to address their concerns, and boost adoption.

Here’s the top 4 complaints concerning Salesforce adoption.

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Cirrus Insight Mobile Release Notes - Schedule Meetings Effortlessly

(Click a tab to choose a platform)

Look, everyone hates scheduling meetings. You ask someone if they can meet at 4:00 on a Monday, and they can’t. So they ask if you can meet at 3:00 on Tuesday. And you can’t. Then you reply back…

And it goes on and on and on until you lose a bit of your sanity (and we don’t have a lot to spare).

We’ve always wanted to streamline that process, so that’s why we’re thrilled to announce that you can now easily book meetings in Google Calendar with Cirrus Insight for iOS and Android. Support for scheduling meetings using other calendars (think Outlook) is coming soon!

With our latest update, we’re giving you the ability to quickly provide customers with available times so that they can immediately book a meeting with you:


Cirrus Insight Mobile Schedule Meetings Cirrus Insight Mobile Meetings


All you have to do is just tap a button in Cirrus Insight Mobile to bring up your calendar availability. Then, you can just select which times you want to give to the customer as options.

You can set a custom title, location, and description--we integrate out of the box with all major web conferencing solutions, so you can just put your personal web conference link, a location, a phone number, or whatever you want!

Once you send it out, all the customer has to do is just tap or click on one of those times to instantly schedule a meeting with you. You’ll both get confirmation emails and meeting invitations sent immediately.

Oh, and best of all? This is FREE! Cirrus Insight Mobile is free for all Salesforce users. Get yours on the App Store or Google Play today!

Top Cities for Salespeople's Salaries


When it comes to making money in sales, some people may want to take a page from the realtor’s handbook; it’s all about location. While this could mean that people shouldn’t try to sell lingerie at a nursing home, this could also mean what cities would be the best to live in if you are pursuing a job in sales.

In fact, Glassdoor listed the top paid cities for salespeople as well as how many openings that cities has on average. Of course, people and companies voluntarily provided this information to Glassdoor, and they are simply relaying the information.

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How Much Does SalesforceIQ Cost?

SalesforceIQ is a CRM targeted at small businesses. Salesforce announced SalesforceIQ and its pricing model at Dreamforce ‘15. However, there has been a bit of confusion around the price and what's included in each pricing tier, so we put together an quick overview of the pricing tiers.


SalesforceIQ Price

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10 More Great Salesforce Chrome Extensions


Over a year ago, Cirrus Insight listed 6 magnificent extensions for Google Chrome that those in sales can use to help working with Salesforce. Cirrus Insight, being an app that can integrate Gmail or Outlook with Salesforce to log emails easily, can be another app and extension in your arsenal. With technology growing at an exponential rate, Chrome extensions are appearing almost in between blinks. Therefore, we have found 10 more extensions that can improve your experience with sales and Salesforce.

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LinkedIn Profile Tips for Social Selling (GIFographic)


Social selling is becoming more and more important for companies. If you’re a B2B (business to business) company, then having a strong LinkedIn presence is even more essential.

Many employees focus on selling themselves on LinkedIn. But if you want to sell to prospects, you need to tailor your profile to be focused on helping the customer.

The below GIFographic (Like an infographic, but it moves! The future is now!) courtesy of Sales for Life covers everything from the basics such as having a profile photo and custom link to how you should set up your summary and experience.

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Adopt a Salesperson!

Adopt a Salesperson


Did you know that 4 out of 5 salespeople are shortcut deficient? I bet you didn’t know that… It’s a hard life out there for salespeople. Too many companies think that it’s just a temporary commitment--”Oh, yeah, sure! I’ll just hire another salesperson and it’ll all be ROI and growth and easiness from here on out. It’ll be sunshine and happiness all day!”

Let me tell you: it’s not all soft fur and big eyes. Salespeople need support. Not just technical support--they need the tools, knowledge, training, practice, encouragement, celebration, mentorship, sustenance, fetch-the-stick time, and shelter that only a caring and supportive pack leader can give them.

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