Acquiring Leads at Your Dreamforce Booth


You’re working a booth at Dreamforce. Congratulations! Dreamforce is a fantastic opportunity to find leads and share the word about your product. We know. We host a happy hour every year (still time to register) and have our own booth area set-up.

When working a booth, there’s a couple things to keep in mind. First is that you’re going to have to make an extra effort to engage people. They’re going to be constantly overwhelmed by vendors and events while at Dreamforce, so if you want to engage with them, you’re going to have to take the extra effort.

Second is that people ultimately want to be engaged with. They don’t want a sales pitch, or even a quick product description. They can go to your website for the details. They want to have a conversation. Everyone wants to enjoy being social on some level and feel that genuine interest is being taken in them. It’s not easy, but if you make a lot of contacts, and gain a lot of leads if you know what you’re doing.

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Customer Spotlight: Joshua Tillman of Dialsource


It’s almost time for Dreamforce. This time next week, people, booth decorations, swag, and much more will begin pouring into San Francisco for Salesforce’s annual conference on September 15th. Before the big event kicks off though, we partnered up with DialSource to conduct a case study on how we each use the other's product. Take a look at the case study they put together HERE!


I had the pleasure of speaking with Joshua Tillman, the CEO of DialSource, about how he and his sales team use Cirrus Insight.


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New Salesforce Email Connector Mobile App and Chrome Browser Extension

We received the product notification below from Salesforce yesterday.  Salesforce is announcing two mobile apps and a Chrome extension for Gmail at Dreamforce on September 15.  These are the RelateIQ apps for mobile and Gmail.  RelateIQ was acquired by Salesforce last year.  It’ll be interesting to see whether there are any differences between the currently available RelateIQ apps and the apps that Salesforce will announce on September 15.


In any case, it’s safe to say that Cirrus Insight will continue to lead in innovation and customer success with Cirrus Insight for Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, iPhone, iPad, and Android.  We specialize in high-performance inbox applications that auto-configure to support the customizations in any and every Salesforce organization – record types, custom fields, custom objects, dependent picklists, validation rules, and more.  


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5 of Microsoft’s Biggest Misfires


Microsoft has become one of the cornerstones of modern computers and technology. They may not be as exciting as Google or Tesla, but since it’s release Windows 10 has been downloaded by over 75 million people.

Cirrus Insight has recently announced our app for Outlook, and we’re excited about it. Salesforce and Outlook integration is easier and better than ever before.

Next week we’re going to take a look at a number of Microsoft’s biggest successes, but we first wanted to take a look at a few of Microsoft’s less exceptional product attempts. How many of these major misfires do you remember from the software giant?

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Cirrus Insight for Android Now Supports Attachments

New Features:

- Attach files from cloud storage providers (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, & OneDrive)

In our latest release of Cirrus Insight for Android, available today for FREE in the Google Play Store, we’ve added attachment support for Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive to ensure your clients have the right details in front of them. Happy selling!

6 Travel Tips for Going to Dreamforce


Maybe you’re a frequent traveler, maybe Dreamforce is your one chance to get on a plane this year. Either way we have travel tips to help you get to San Francisco.

Get excited! You’re going to have a fantastic time (and hopefully visit us for our happy hour)! We’ve put together advice for making the experience to and from Dreamforce as enjoyable as possible.

Look forward to seeing you there!


1. Have a Packing Strategy

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Calendar Sync from the Cirrus Insight Dashboard


Want your Mac Mail or Thunderbird events to sync seamlessly into Salesforce?  What if you use our mobile app, and want your events in sync between your Google Calendar and Salesforce?


Cirrus Insight has you covered.


We’ve just released Calendar Sync from the Dashboard, which means that you don’t need to install the Cirrus Insight Gmail extension in order to enable our Calendar Sync feature.


Keeping your calendar connected to Salesforce has been a struggle while on the go. Without working directly in Gmail or Office 365, you haven’t been able to sync your events.


Problem solved! Our Calendar Sync is one of our most popular features--it makes it so that you can just work in your primary calendar and have your events magically go into Salesforce and relate to the right contacts and leads. We have tens of thousands of users currently using it in Gmail and Office 365 to avoid the hassle of managing both Salesforce and non-Salesforce calendars.


Now you can use Calendar Sync from mobile, Mac Mail, or Thunderbird. Or it's a great solution if you're a Google Apps user and only looking to solve for calendar sync.


To use this feature, just go to and then sign in using your Salesforce credentials. Once there, just go to the “Calendar Sync” tab and choose which email account you want to sync:


Calendar Sync Enable Calendar Sync


That’s it! Whenever you make an event or work in your primary calendar, the information will go right into Salesforce automatically. And vice versa. Events that you create and update in Salesforce will sync to your Google Calendar and mobile devices.


Interested in Calendar Sync? Send us an email at, and we’ll work with you to get you set up and synced!

Why Comedians Are Good Salespeople

Comedians make their living making people laugh. It’s common knowledge; if a joke does not garner one chuckle, then the comedian has failed. If a comedian has an hour-long set with about a joke every two minutes, then that could be a matter of dollars lost.

Christopher Titus, a popular comedian, once said, “Here’s how you destroy a comedian: sit right up front and never laugh one time.”

Business works in the same way.

Business is funny when thought out. Not only is comedy an actual business and an art in itself, but it serves as a nice parallel to almost all business. Selling someone a product is the same for anyone, whether it is a breakfast cereal, a television show or a joke.

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What Do Netflix and SaaS Have in Common?


They’re subscription based. That’s the answer to what do Netflix and SaaS (software-as-a-service) have in common. Seems obvious and a little silly, but that’s an important similarity to have. The subscription model is proving to be better for both businesses and consumers.

Think about it. How do you get your movies and tv shows? Sure, you have some favorite shows you might watch live, and a few movies you like being able to play whenever you want, but you likely use Netflix (or one of their competitors) for much of your viewing.

Makes sense. Would you rather buy one movie you can watch whenever or Netflix’s whole library for 2-3 months? Usually, you go with Netflix.


Why Does Netflix Subscription Win?

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Install Cirrus Insight on

As we gear up for the much-anticipated Cirrus Insight for Outlook release, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our current product offerings in the Microsoft ecosystem.  We're proud to serve customers who use Office 365 as well as those with free accounts.  If you or your company is on Office 365, we have a landing page and a knowledge base article on how to install the app. However, there's a lot less out there on how to get Cirrus Insight up and running on It's time to change that.


Here are step-by-step instructions to help you install Cirrus Insight in your account today!


**The following instructions are intended for customers who utilize the free accounts instead of the Office365 paid subscription.**  


1.  Log into your free account Login


2.  Click New to open the email compose window


3.  Click the Gear icon, click Manage add-ins


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