Schedule Emails to Send Later with Cirrus Insight

Cirrus_Insight_Send_Later At the beginning of the month, we promised big things were coming your way from Cirrus Insight. Wait no longer, that day has arrived.   We’re proud to introduce Cirrus Insight 4.0. This newest version of our app includes an improved user interface as well as two key new features:
  • Auto-log Emails to Salesforce
  • Send Later
  Let's look at the new 'Send Later' feature for starters. Sending emails with Cirrus Insight just received a huge upgrade last week with the release of Link Tracking. This addition to our already robust email tracking capabilities provides even more actionable data from sent emails. With Link Tracking, you can now track who clicks on links within your emails as well as when they’re opened and at what time. That was just the beginning though. We’ve just added a feature that our users have been asking about for quite some time: Send Later.  

Why Do I Need to Send Later?

Cleaning out the inbox during non-business hours is occurring more and more often. That way, you can focus on more collaborative and team-oriented projects from 9-5 when everyone’s in the office. However, when you’re burning the midnight oil or working on the weekend, you may not want to send emails then. Because from the perspective of the recipient, it’s a lot easier to open up an email on a smartphone and completely forget about it when out running errands or spending time with family on weekends or at night.  

The Solution

With the Send Later feature, you can now schedule an email to send at any time you desire. There are countless studies out there on when is the best time to send an email. It changes from industry to industry, and you probably know at what time you’ve had the best luck with opens and CTR in your industry.   Thanks to Send Later, you no longer have to be around your computer to send emails when that golden time arrives. You can write emails and schedule them to go out at the desired time. Working on emails at 10 p.m. at night, and have them send out at 8 a.m. the next day. Want to crank out some email responses on a Sunday afternoon and have them send early Monday morning? No problem.   Want to know the best part though? At the specified time, Cirrus Insight will not only send the email and track email opens and clicked links within, it will also allow you to save these scheduled emails to Salesforce!   Say goodbye to the hodgepodge assortment of applications you’ve been using to schedule emails and log them to Salesforce. Say hello to the comprehensive functionality of Cirrus Insight.  

It’s time to take your inbox back!

CI-logoMake sure you check out our post on how to Auto-log emails to Salesforce with Cirrus Insight coming soon.