Not on Office 365? It’s time to upgrade.


Chances are, you’ve probably heard of Office 365. But maybe you haven’t upgraded from your legacy version of Exchange/Outlook to Microsoft’s new cloud-based platform yet. You may have just paid for Microsoft’s most recent physical software package. You may be concerned about security in the cloud. You may not see the necessity. There are countless other reasons out there for not upgrading as well, but the argument in favor of moving to the cloud is far more convincing. Here’s why:


Connect to Your Account On All Devices

One major issue with Office 2013 and other traditional software packages is limited accessibility. For legacy versions of Office, you can access Word, Powerpoint, and other programs from at most two computers. And for salespeople who are constantly on the move, that may cause problems. With Office 365, you can connect through a portal from nearly anywhere as well as on any device. The age of limited software accessibility has passed. The age of cloud computing in software has arrived.


The Cloud Is The Future

Cloud computing has continued to increase market share year after year in the software industry.  Whether you want to admit it or not, moving your business to the cloud is the future. Security in the cloud should see continued improvement, making your valuable data impervious to hackers. Once companies can make that guarantee with absolute certainty, cloud computing software will complete its dominance since it can boast being a substantially cheaper alternative to distribute.


Integration With Salesforce

I couldn’t pass up on a shameless plug for Cirrus Insight when making the case for upgrading to Office 365. Our recently released product, Cirrus Insight for Office 365, allows you to easily integrate Salesforce data and information into your Outlook inbox when using Office 365. Having editable Salesforce information in your inbox will save you both time and money.

Cirrus Insight Makes the Admin’s Life Easier

Cirrus Insight is here to help administrators and their organizations make the most out of Salesforce. Here’s how.

Driving Adoption & Usage

The single biggest reason that CRM implementations fail is lack of user adoption. If users fail to update records in Salesforce, then the data becomes stale and ultimately useless. And without valuable data in Salesforce, users don’t have a compelling reason to go into Salesforce – it’s a vicious cycle. Fortunately, Cirrus Insight makes using Salesforce so easy that it dramatically increases user adoption and utilization of Salesforce. Users create and update a lot more records.  Our users have logged millions of emails to Salesforce and created hundreds of thousands of new leads, contacts, opportunities, cases, and other Salesforce records. Most importantly, by having contextual Salesforce information right in their Gmail inbox, users are constantly reminded of the value Salesforce provides to them as salespeople. As a result, users are motivated to keep records updated – it’s a virtuous cycle of increased adoption creating more and more value.

Monitoring Usage

Not only will you be able to see increased adoption and utilization of Salesforce via Cirrus Insight, but you can actually monitor what records have been created using the app. You can easily configure Salesforce to enable reporting on usage of Cirrus Insight.

Configure Cirrus Insight

Salesforce can sometimes be overwhelming, so it can be useful to restrict the fields in Cirrus Insight to only those fields that are really important to your salespeople in Gmail. If you have Configure App / Edit Layout permission in Salesforce, you can configure Cirrus Insight and specify exactly what you want your users to see from Salesforce. Just click on the sprocket icon at the bottom right of any Cirrus Insight view and you will see the Edit Layout screen. Check the fields you want to have visible and uncheck the ones you want to hide. It’s that easy! This will make your sales team more efficient and help to further drive adoption and utilization of Salesforce.

Security Matters

Like every app on the Salesforce AppExchange, Cirrus Insight has been through a strict security review. We are also proud to say that we have been vetted and chosen by some of the most security-conscious enterprise customers around. For more information, please visit our trust page and let us know if we can answer any questions about how we protect your important business data.

Salesforce and Email Integration Is a No-Brainer


At Cirrus Insight, we pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive Salesforce and Email integration tool on the market. Salesforce remains one of the largest CRM and cloud computing companies on Earth, and nearly everyone uses email while working. While Salesforce and Email both have a major place in the office, what makes integrating the two services crucial? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. In addition, who says that the product would be easy to understand or if demand even exists for what we offer? Take a look at this review of our product by William Coffin on the Salesforce App Exchange. He hit the nail on the head when answering these questions.


Must Have Product if you Use Salesforce and Google Apps

“This is a great tool that saves me an appreciable amount of time daily and makes the tedious tasks of logging customer communications to salesforce a breeze. Its a no-brainer in my books if you use the two platforms. Both our sales and support team rely on it daily!”


While written when we only offered integration with Gmail, the value it provided William can now be actualized by Office 365/Outlook users as well. One of the most valuable assets for any company is the time of its employees. By allowing users to add customer information into Salesforce from their inbox, it eliminates the time-intensive task of switching between the two services. Not only does Cirrus Insight save time, it also makes it easier to ensure the data you are transferring to Salesforce is accurate.

In the end, we agree with William. If you use Salesforce and an email inbox (odds are pretty good you do), Salesforce and Email integration is a no-brainer. Check out Cirrus Insight for Google Apps and Office 365 today in order to get the most of Salesforce data and inbox communication.

Why Should I Integrate Salesforce and Pardot?


Salesforce and Pardot. These two tools are extremely powerful separately, but their true value derives from integrated usage. Here is some background information on each as well as a case for why you should integrate the two.




In the very simplest of terms, Pardot automates your marketing communication programs in order to increase sales and improve efficiency. That’s a fine goal to have, but it’s pretty darn difficult to accomplish in real life. But through some of the methods listed below, Pardot can drastically improve the quality of your marketing.


  • Lead grading – Not every lead turns into a deal. And if you have been in the industry long enough, you begin to get a good idea of those leads that tend to materialize as well as those that won’t. Pardot’s lead grading technology allows you to narrow your search to meet up with those that match your ideal customer profile.
  • Prospect activity tracking – Keep track of which leads you have followed up with as well as when you met.
  • Lead nurturing – Allows you to focus on leads that are sales-ready and prevent losing cold leads.
  • Landing Pages – Collect information from prospects without having to manually enter each one individually.
  • ROI ReportingTrack your marketing campaign’s ROI and cost-per-opportunity.




It probably needs no introduction, but Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps to track sales activities. Just like any CRM tool, allows users to track sales through the pipeline, project revenue, and collect and store data on existing customers while organizing new customers and sales opportunities. The platform also organizes your sales team by managing tasks and logging calls. Who would have thought it? Salesforce assists your sales force.

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Microsoft Launches Sales Productivity Bundle


What does the future hold for Microsoft? The software and technology giant has made enormous strides in the past couple years to move past their dependence on physical software sales. The industry they dominated for so long has been quietly moving in the direction of more cloud-based solutions.  And for a while, it seemed like Microsoft could potentially get left behind.


Those days are long gone though, and Microsoft’s announcement of a Sales Productivity Bundle cements that position. The bundle includes the Dynamics CRM Online Professional, Office 365 Enterprise E3, and Power BI. And as a limited time offer, Microsoft will be offering the bundle for a promotional price of only $65 per user per month. The price of $65 for the new bundle has been guaranteed through June 2015.  The inherent value of the three software packages will certainly be enticing for many.


Combined with the online Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) and the self-service analytics offered by Power BI, you have nearly everything members of your sales team could need. The ultimate goal is to enhance collaboration and connected so that your sales team can close more deals, faster. Microsoft believes they make a strong case for accomplishing that goal with their Sales Productivity Bundle.


Does this mean that I need to ditch Salesforce, Google Apps, and other tools in favor of Microsoft’s new bundle? Of course not. There is an old saying that goes: “Competition is a lot like cod liver oil. First it makes you sick, but then it makes you better.” Salesforce has been one of the most innovative companies in the world for quite some time, and I think you would be hard pressed arguing there is a company that provides a better CRM solution. That being said, Microsoft now offers a comparable cloud-based product package with their new Sales Productivity bundle. Something certainly worth noting.

If you use Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, but prefer the industry-standard for your CRM solution, make sure to check out Cirrus Insight for Office 365! Our Salesforce and inbox integration allows you to get more out of both SFDC and Outlook.

Salesforce Introduces Sales Cloud1 and Service Cloud1


Right before the start of Dreamforce, (SFDC) made a huge announcement this past week. They are reinventing the way that the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud operate. The cloud computing giant and host of Dreamforce famously introduced Salesforce1 at Dreamforce in 2013 last year, making a statement that SFDC would ensure mobile-capability is a top priority. With the introduction of the Sales Cloud1 and Service Cloud1 this past week, Salesforce continues to place extreme importance on enabling their customers to do anything on a smartphones that can be done on a desktop.


With this massive news coming out before Dreamforce, we can barely hold back our excitement for all that is in store for this week in San Francisco. In case you missed it, below is a quick overview of what the Sales Cloud1 and Service Cloud1 offer.


Sales Cloud1


Some of the new apps for Sales Cloud1 apps include the following:


  • Today – Hailed as a “Google Now-like app,” it will display your top tasks, dashboards, upcoming meetings, weather, and news. Sales reps can look at Today before their next meeting to find relevant details about attendees or recent activity with the account.


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The Inbox is Your CRM


Coming up next week is the event that everyone has been waiting for: Dreamforce. It brings together some of the brightest minds in cloud computing as well as massive names in politics, music, and other industries.  (Heard of Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Bruno Mars? They will all be speaking at Dreamforce this year.) Despite these massive names, what brings us back to Dreamforce year after year are the networking opportunities. hosts the event, and nearly everyone there uses Salesforce in some form or another. That means all attendees have a very unique set of skills which we can learn from. Similarly, at Cirrus Insight, we believe we have something to teach and offer to everyone that will be making the trip to the ‘Frisco Bay for Dreamforce.


To lead into what we have to offer, I’ve got a quick logic question for you concerning Dreamforce. When there, what will you do more: Check your email or login to Salesforce? These will probably be the two most common actions from most at Dreamforce, but which will you use more?


Gotcha, that’s a trick question.


Would you believe me if there was a way to use them both at the same time? A way to shoot customers an email while viewing and interacting with your leads, opportunities, and other Salesforce data? Believe it or not, it exists. Not only does it exist, we have made that integration seamless and easy to use.


With Cirrus Insight, the inbox is your CRM.


The answer to my riddle earlier should be exact same number for both checking emails and logging in to Salesforce. Because with Cirrus Insight, you’re always connected to Salesforce as you check and send emails from any device. I could tell you more, but a picture is worth a thousand words. So a moving picture (YouTube video) is gonna save you a lot of reading time. Check out these introductory videos for our Google Apps and Office 365 integration with Salesforce.


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Google Enterprise Is Now Google for Work


Work should be fun. That being said, believing that work will always be fun is a bit naive. But even when work isn’t fun, it should at least be meaningful. You need to know that the work you are doing helps achieve some higher goal and isn’t just clerical. No one ever talks about their dream job as a series of mind-numbing tasks in cubicles. Instead, many people talk about their dream job being at a place like Google. People desperately want to work at Google not because it’s easy (in fact it’s quite the opposite). People want to work at Google because they know their work means something.


Here is a recent statement that Eric Schmidt, an Executive Chairman of Google, made about how their technology can help you achieve the kind of work you are motivated by:


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Cirrus Insight Adds Social Relationship Intelligence to its Salesforce for Gmail Application

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of social relationship intelligence to Cirrus Insight via a partnership with Nimble!

When you’re introduced to a new prospect or partner, you want to learn about that person. Google them, check them out on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn — it’s the way we do business now. Everyone’s sharing information about what they’re interested in, what’s frustrating them, and who they know. That’s critical information that you’ll need as you’re establishing a relationship. And with the right tools, that information can be the leg up on the competition.

But how do you make sense of the deluge of social data out there? How do you bring context to it?

Nimble has the secret sauce to understand that stream of data and builds dynamic social profiles on-the-fly as you work. Cirrus Insight is bringing Nimble into your workflow and making it easy to discover contextual and relevant social information right in your inbox and side-by-side with your CRM data.

When you start, you’ll see a Nimble icon in the Cirrus Insight side panel in Gmail. Just click the icon to see social relationship information about your customers and prospects right inside Gmail:

If you don’t see the Nimble icon, you can contact your Cirrus Insight administrator to enable the feature via the Cirrus Insight Dashboard. Admins can control whether the feature is enabled or disabled for an organization:


As a user, you can control whether to view or hide the Nimble tab in Cirrus Insight.  You’ll find that option under the Settings tab in the Cirrus Insight side panel.


We hope you enjoy the power of social relationship IQ inside Cirrus Insight!

Are you attending Dreamforce next week in San Francisco?  Join us for a live demo of the new Nimble integration!

Cirrus Insight Adds Social Relationship Intelligence to Salesforce
With Nimble Smart Contacts Integration for Gmail App

Salespeople Benefit with Nimble’s Smart Contact Insights, Social Profile Summary and
Social Signals, to Foster More Meaningful Business Relationships

Irvine, Calif. – October 9, 2014 – Cirrus Insight, the world’s #1 app for integrating Salesforce into Gmail and Microsoft Office 365, now delivers social relationship intelligence into its Gmail application with Nimble Smart Contacts integration.

With the integration, salespeople can leverage powerful social insights right within their Gmail inbox to build business relationships and close deals faster. Nimble’s Smart Social Relationship Manager gathers information from social media platforms such as Twitter, AngelList, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram and more. This social data, including work history, is then integrated with Salesforce information inside Gmail through the Cirrus Insight in-email sidebar.

“Authenticity is the name of the game for salespeople looking to make meaningful connections with their network or prospects,” said Ryan Huff, CEO and co-founder of Cirruspath. “That’s nearly impossible to achieve without background information on the people they’re connecting to. We integrated Nimble into our Salesforce for Gmail app to make relationship IQ easily accessible to salespeople on the platform they use most – email.”

Dedicated to bridging the gaps in the customer relationship management process, Cirrus Insight leverages email, a key form of sales communication, to make salespeople and CRM more effective. It is the first app to integrate Salesforce into Gmail and Office 365, and the added social selling features through Nimble provide a comprehensive toolkit for sales outreach and relationship management.

“We all know how hard it is to prepare for every critical business engagement in todays over connected, over communicated world.  Sales people spend nearly 60% of their day doing non-sales activities like searching for contact and company details and logging it into the CRM.” said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble. “Partnering with Cirrus Insight puts Nimble intelligence right in the heart of salespeople’s’ inboxes, which is where salespeople spend their day keeping connections alive throughout the sales process.”

Feedback from Salesforce Analyst

“I am addicted to Nimble’s Smart Contacts App! It’s my primary resource for nurturing important business relationships everywhere I work!,” said Zachary Jeans, Analyst at Tourizing, a noted Social, Mobile and Salesforce consulting firm. “By combining Cirrus Insight with Nimble’s Smart Contacts App I have the best of both worlds in one place. Relationship insights integrated with Salesforce contacts via Cirrus Insights directly inside my Gmail inbox.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Cirrus Insight’s app launch for both Microsoft Office 365 and iPad inboxes. As the company continues to grow its API beta program, companies interested in participating can contact to work directly with the Cirrus Insight engineering and design teams to bring new, valuable integrations to market.

Key Features of the Nimble Smart Contacts App Integration include:

Smart Social Relationship Manager: Nimble combines your contacts from Google Contacts, Outlook and Apple Address Book. It then maps and discovers the most important contact information on the web (Twitter, AngelList, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, Instagram and more), connects your email, calendar and social interactions and then keeps it up to date and in sync on a daily basis.

Automatic Social Profile Matching: Nimble removes the detective work required to find contact details by auto-magically mapping your contacts social profiles and consolidating the key background information you need into a digital dossier, giving you all the relevant information you’ll need before reaching out.

Intelligent Relationship Insights: Nimble searches the web and social networks to deliver insights to provide context about your contacts: mutual interests, shared passions, and important moments making it easier to be prepared for the people you’re meeting with.

For more information about Cirrus Insight and Nimble’s integration, visit

Free Downloads

About Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight, with over 50,000 customers, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands, is the number one app for integrating Salesforce with Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Cirrus Insight puts the power of your Salesforce CRM right inside your inbox to immediately see everything about your leads, contacts and opportunities. It is a Salesforce ISV Partner, Google Partner, Apple Partner, and member of the Microsoft Partner Network.

About NimbleNimble is a pioneer in social relationship management for individuals and teams to intelligently nurture relationships across email and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Nimble has re-imagined customer relationship management by pioneering the world’s first Intelligent Relationship Manager for social selling. Nimble was founded by Jon Ferrara, the co-founder of GoldMine, a pioneer of SFA, CRM, Relationship Management and Marketing Automation.

Let’s Talk Push Notifications


It’s 5 o’clock on a Friday evening and you are just pulling out of the parking lot to head home for the weekend. Your phone buzzes to alert you to the arrival of a new SMS message. You look to see that you have a notice from the Papa Murphy’s Text Club. The SMS suggests that for tonight only, you can get a large specialty pizza for 25% off. You’re had a long day…this sounds like a pretty sweet deal so you take advantage of it.

If push notifications can work for a local pizza franchise, surely they can work for your business, right? The first trick to understanding this is possible is to understand how push notifications work.

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