Cirrus Insight for Google Calendar Release Notes

Cirrus Insight is excited to release Cirrus Insight for Google Calendar! This is a major feature that will allow you to create Salesforce events from Google Calendar.

Popular use cases include:

  • Relating events to opportunities right in Google Calendar
  • Relating events to cases right in Google Calendar
  • Time tracking by project/code 

Working in conjunction with Cirrus Insight’s calendar sync, users can manage their Salesforce and Google calendars in one place! 

Here’s how it works:

Your New Salesforce Tab in Google Calendar

Let’s say I want to schedule an call with Bobby Buyer. I can do this all in Google Calendar by first filling out the standard Google Calendar fields–this will fill in the information on the corresponding Salesforce event.

Cirrus Insight calendar sync will relate that event to the contacts you invite, but now we’re also adding a Salesforce tab to your Google Calendar event page. Once you’ve filled out the standard fields, just click the Salesforce tab:

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.06.37 PM

Relate Calendar Events to Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, and More

Now you’ll see your event fields. So you can relate this event to an opportunity or case in Salesforce, add private notes, and set the event type. You’ll even be able to edit and access these Salesforce fields right from your Google Calendar!

Once you’re done, just hit the red “Save” button and the event will be saved instantly in both your Google and Salesforce calendars.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.06.40 PM

Admin Customization

Cirrus Insight can display the standard and custom fields from your event page layout in Salesforce.  To show or hide certain fields, administrators can click the gear icon in the top right of the Salesforce calendar tab in Google Calendar. Fields that you want to display should be marked with a green check. Fields that you want to hide should be marked with a red x:

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.06.42 PM


Enable Cirrus Insight for Google Calendar

To enable Cirrus Insight for Google Calendar, just go to Settings, then click “Calendar”, then click “Cirrus Insight for Google Calendar”. Then click “Enable Salesforce tab” and click “Allow” on the pop-up:

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.06.47 PM


Admin Control

Admins can allow or prevent users from using this new feature by logging into our account management dashboard at Go to the preferences tab, check or uncheck the box labeled “CI for Google Calendar”, and then hit “Save Changes” to save:



In App Tour Release Notes

Cirrus Insight is thrilled to announce that we’re releasing Guided Walkthroughs for our most popular features. Over the last year, we’ve developed a lot of new ways to use our app, like Calendar Sync, Contact Sync, Cirrus Insight Mobile, Email Templates, and more.


We want to make sure our users get the most out of Cirrus Insight, so we’re adding a new Intro tab to our app that will give you a step-by-step method to learn how to use these new features.


Just click on the Intro tab, select what you want to learn, and then click Show me how. Cirrus Insight will then guide you through the process.


We’ll show you pop-ups that walk you through exactly what you need to do.


We’ve developed and released this feature with input from you awesome folks, our customers. As such, we would love it, especially for this release, if you give us feedback either in the comments thread below or in our dedicated feedback site at

Happy holidays!

3 Effective Methods for Improving Creativity


Creativity can often be seen as a gift. Something that some people have and others simply don’t. While it’s true that some people may lean more to one side of the creativity spectrum than others, it’s been scientifically proven that anyone can learn how to become more creative.


The benefit of creativity in the workplace cannot be emphasized enough. Creativity will be what separates us from the machines when they begin their takeover in just a few short years. Only kidding… but in all seriousness, if engineers can find a way to automate your job, then you best believe they will. One guaranteed way to ensure you’ll have a job though is to improve your own personal creativity level. Make sure you’ve given these 3 methods for improving creativity a shot!

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Why Are My Metrics Decreasing?


As the holiday season approaches, it’s assumed businesses will be able to sell anything to anybody.  However, for business-to-business marketers wanting to sell business software or other products the holidays can be anything but merry.  In fact, the holiday season is typically one of the slowest times of the year for business-to-business marketers.   There are many reasons for this, but the good news for those having difficulties is that your competitors are also having a hard time making a sale.


I know this because of things like Bright Edge’s competitive analysis tools.  Or reading up on past holiday seasons  from the experts at


One of the biggest reasons companies are not interested in purchasing products over the holidays is that much of their budget for the year has already been spent.  Many companies start to use the holidays as a time to evaluate their past year, and one of the biggest concerns they have is examining the budget to see how much money was spent and what it was spent on.  When the holiday season arrives, most businesses are already looking ahead to the next year, and rather than buy more products now they choose to save their money and develop a budget for the upcoming year.


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Are Cirrus Insight Emails in Your Gmail Primary Tab?


If your email flow is anything like mine, you probably get a wide variety of emails each day. With countless blog posts, newsletters, office communications, sales reports, and countless other categories of email, there can often be a lot to make sense of. That’s why Gmail added the Tabs feature into the inbox. Designed to make your inbox easier to manage, tabs allows you to automatically sort incoming mail into different categories.


For those that want to learn more about tabs, take a look at this LifeHacker post with a comprehensive list of everything you’ll to know when setting up tabs 

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Salesforce in Your Inbox: Better Sales Enablement, Better Salesforce Adoption



Meet users where they are.  That’s the premise of our our new book “Salesforce In Your Inbox.”  After all, the inbox is where you build customer relationships. It’s where you cultivate prospects, close deals, and build customer loyalty.  Learn how to improve email productivity, solve Salesforce adoption problems, manage change, and maximize ROI. Check out the infographics below and then download the full book for free.

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Keep Mobile Task Oriented


When you look at what your mobile teams actually do, you will see that they accomplish small tasks through-out the day.  As a result the terminology and steps they need to take should be mirrored in the mobile applications they use.  Good user experience in mobile has a task completed in 5-8 taps.  This allows the user to get their work done in less than 30 seconds typically.


Mobile use cases need to be defined with the above criteria in mind.  Sometimes this means that tasks need to be broken into 2 or more parts in order to make the users efficient.  When you think abut use cases for mobile users, you should consider not just the task steps and UX, but the context and environment that the users will be in during use.  Some of our clients are using mobile apps at construction sites, when we think about this during design it impacts the UX and application flow.  In our example we make buttons bigger and fonts bigger for more important information.  We have found this is necessary to give users a better experience for getting their task completed.  Mobile users are not sitting at their desks, so talk to your users and see where they are when they accomplish tasks. In fact go deeper and do it for each task they accomplish, as they may be in different environments for different tasks.


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How to Improve Email Productivity


According to this Huffington Post article, you could binge-watch the entire first season of Orange Is The New Black in the same amount of time you spend working in your email inbox each week.


For those who haven’t seen that Netflix original series, that’s roughly 13 hours (or 28% of the average workweek).  If you are anything like the average worker, you spend over a fourth of your workweek reading, deleting, sorting, and sending emails, according to a report developed by the McKinsey Global Institute.

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Cirrus Insight Featured in Collabrax’s Top Salesforce Apps


Collabrax hosted a webinar on Wednesday of this week discussing some of their Favorite Salesforce Apps. In the 30 minute webinar, they briefly went over five apps on the Salesforce AppExchange that make every business day just a little bit easier. There are thousands of enterprise and small business applications available on the AppExchange, so narrowing it down to just five is no small feat.


Luckily, Collabrax chose Cirrus Insight as one of their five favorite Salesforce apps! We’re honored to be recognized by a leader in Salesforce consulting, and we loved hearing about the other four apps to improve our CRM workflow.


If you missed the webinar, no worries!  Check it out below:

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The Convergence of Salesforce and the Inbox

Communication concept

Can you name the two online tools sales reps use the most during the workday? If you are with the overwhelming majority, your number one answer is email. The inbox contains conversations between leads, current customers, co-workers, and countless other contacts. Phone calls play an extremely important role in sales, but phone calls are usually preceded and followed up by a couple emails. That leaves a lot of data stored in your inbox.


The second most common tool for sales reps can be disputed a bit more. But, for us at Cirrus Insight, the answer is indisputably Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software makes organizing and retrieving information on your many contacts manageable. And as an innovative giant in the cloud industry, Salesforce provides one of the most widely adopted and helpful CRM tools at the enterprise level. While Salesforce provides many ways for sales reps to save time, there remains one critical component that has been lacking in the past: integration with email.

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