Cirrus Insight Unveils Calendar Sync for Office 365

Office 365 Calendar

All of the folks here at Cirrus Insight were thrilled to announce Salesforce and Office 365 Calendar Sync yesterday in a BusinessWire press release. As the #1 app for integrating Salesforce and Office 365, syncing the calendars of these two massive cloud platforms was a very logical next step for the Cirrus Insight for Office 365 suite.


What Calendar Sync Means to Sales Reps

Sales reps are some of the most valuable members on any team. Chances are, they create events and do most of their work in Outlook but store information in Salesforce. Our job is to make their lives as easy as possible. Cirrus Insight for Office 365 allows sales reps to effortlessly log emails to Salesforce from their Outlook inbox. Now, our app includes the ability to relate events in Outlook to their Salesforce calendar.


Here’s our VP of Marketing, Jason Hubbard, with what the new Calendar Sync release means for salespeople:


“Salespeople don’t have time to switch back and forth between two calendars. Cirrus Insight syncs events between Outlook calendar and Salesforce to save time and keep customer relationships on track.”


In the end, being able to focus less on calendar organization and more on customer relationships is what it’s all about. That’s our goal with every feature addition, and we hope you enjoy using Calendar Sync for Office 365!


Other Capabilities of Cirrus Insight for Office 365

  • See customer context from Salesforce inside Outlook
  • Save emails to Salesforce
  • Track email opens with real-time open notifications
  • Create new leads, contacts and accounts
  • Set task reminders
  • Schedule meetings
  • Log calls to Salesforce
  • Create and update opportunities & cases


For those interested in learning more about the functionality of Calendar Sync for Office 365, you can find all that HERE.


The Microsoft Partner Network

“Cirrus Insight is a great example of how the Microsoft Partner Network benefits our customers,” said Jenni Flinders, VP of US Partner at Microsoft. “By innovating with the Office 365 platform they’re delivering an innovative solution focused on helping people be more productive in the office and on the go.”


More About Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight makes Salesforce as easy to use as Outlook.  Cirrus Insight for Office 365 is available via the Microsoft Office Store and the Salesforce AppExchange. In fact, Cirrus Insight is the only application built on the Office 365 framework that supports Outlook 2013, Outlook for Mac, and Outlook Web App in any browser and on any mobile device.  It supports Office 365 (Exchange Online) as well as Exchange 2013 hosted or on premise.  For more information and videos, please visit:

We Don’t Make Salesforce, We Make Salesforce Better


Do you remember the old BASF commercials (like the one above) where they go through a list of everyday items, mentioning how they make them better?


I’ve been making Cirrus Insight comparisons to other marketing slogans (such as Chick-fil-A’s famous chicken sandwich slogan) recently, and I figured I couldn’t pass up on this famous BASF example. The parallel to our business model is once again uncanny.

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The Real Cost of Maintaining Your CRM


Updating your CRM is a necessity. But how much does that actually cost you?  When you take into account how much of a sales rep’s salary goes to data entry, the money and time can really add up. What if there was a way to significantly reduce that cost?


Your average sales rep will spend 1.5 hours a day maintaining the CRM (updating records, recording emails, creating opportunities, etc).  By using Cirrus Insight, that time can be cut to 20 minutes. For example:


It takes 5 minutes to search for a name in Salesforce, compose an email, BCC to Salesforce, copy and paste the response into the record, then reply and repeat the BCC process. With Cirrus Insight, you can accomplish the same in 47 seconds.


It takes 1 minute 7 seconds to read an email, search for the name in Salesforce, and create an opportunity. With Cirrus Insight, you can accomplish the same in 17 seconds.


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Paginated Salesforce search results and more in Gmail

We’re pleased to release a minor (but very useful!) user interface update to Cirrus. We’ve added:


  • Paginated search results
  • Add to Salesforce workflow for Cirrus Insight for Google Calendar


The first one’s pretty simple, so I’ll just show you. When you have a long list of records, you can click Prev or Next to paginate through them, like so:

Screenshot 2015-02-24 12.22.55


Looking for specific results in Search from your inbox just got a whole lot easier!


The other feature we’ve added should be familiar to longtime Cirrus Insight users. For our Cirrus Insight for Google Calendar feature, we’ve changed the workflow so that relating events to opportunities, cases, and more looks more like our Add To Salesforce button in Gmail:

Screenshot 2015-02-24 12.21.52 Screenshot 2015-02-24 12.21.33

We always want to make it as simple as possible to find the information you are looking for, and we hope that these updates fit in line with that goal.


Happy Tuesday! Stay warm out there.

What Traits Do Effective Content Marketers Possess?



Effective content marketers are a rare breed. If they were a dime a dozen, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post. The combination of skills that make a content marketer great also make one inherently hard to find. Very few meet all the criteria. While there is no one-size-fits all model for success in this field, I have found I wouldn’t stand a chance without these three traits.


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We Didn’t Invent Salesforce, Just the Salesforce for Gmail Connector


Like many other businesses with offices in the Southeastern United States, our Knoxville, TN location has a Chick-fil-A nearby. Because of our close proximity to this delicious chicken restaurant, my coworkers and myself go there quite often. During my frequent visits, I’ve begun to notice a trend. Whether we arrive before work at 8:30 in the morning to grab some Chick-n-Minis or at 2:00 p.m. to get a spicy chicken sandwich after a sales call, the place is always crowded. You would think at non-peak hours there might be some respite from the lines, but that’s not the case. Long lines are the norm at Chick-fil-A.


For someone who has a business degree and works at a startup, it was only natural for me to be curious about what causes such sustained popularity. To be honest, they didn’t do anything super groundbreaking to become one of the highest-grossing fast food chains in the country. In fact, they managed to do so despite being located almost entirely in the South and only open six days a week in observance of the Sabbath. Chick-fil-A’s success lies in connecting two things people may not know they wanted combined, but afterward couldn’t imagine living without. They didn’t have completely reinvent chicken. Just a way to make chicken better. As their famous slogan goes, “We didn’t invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich.”

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Salesforce and Office 365 Calendar Sync: Cirrus Insight or Salesforce for Outlook?

Office 365 Calendar

No one likes to do the same work twice. However, how many times do you input events into Outlook only to duplicate that same process in Salesforce? It’s probably a lot. We create events and do most of our work in the Outlook inbox but store information in Salesforce.  If only there was a way to automatically share events between my Outlook calendar and Salesforce…


Wait, one already exists?

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The Difference Between a Salesforce Admin and Developer



Salesforce is a hot topic when it comes to cloud technology. Not surprisingly when over the past 15 years, Salesforce have transformed the way you do business; you can sell, market and service better than ever before. This is largely due to Salesforce’s configurable capabilities and the work put in by your trusty Salesforce Administrators and Salesforce Developers.


When it comes to Admins and Developers, the definition between these two roles are becoming somewhat blurred. As a result I have attempted to define each of their roles. Though there may be no technical difference in regards of their Salesforce profiles e.g. it is likely they could both have the system admin profile, their daily tasks do differ somewhat.


As identified at Dreamforce 14, more and more admins are coding and are taking on some of the responsibilities that would otherwise be left to a Developer e.g. creating Triggers. It would also not be out of place to see Admins taking on the 401 to broaden their developer knowledge! It is evident that the lines between the Admin and Dev are becoming more and more blurred.


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Announcing Calendar Sync for Office 365 and Salesforce

Add Salesforce to Office 365

Compatible with Office 365, Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App on any device


We’re thrilled to announce Calendar Sync for Office 365 with Salesforce!

Now you can automatically sync events between Office 365 and Salesforce. Cirrus Insight will sync the date and time, subject, attendees, location, description, and your free/busy status. Best of all? Cirrus Insight automatically relates events to the Salesforce contacts you invite.

That’s why we’re excited to bring Cirrus Insight’s best-in-class calendar sync to Office 365. Now you don’t have to manage two calendars!

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