5 Easy Ways to Build Rapport with New Partners


Article and photo originally published on The Business Journals on 3/24/2015


Building a relationship with a new partner is hard work. It’s not worth the effort if there isn’t the potential for a big payoff in the future for you and the partner. But it helps to knock out a few quick wins to establish rapport and lay the groundwork for success.Here are five quick wins you can propose at the outset of any partnership:


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Why the Amazon Dash Button Reminds Me of Cirrus Insight

Have you heard about the new Amazon Dash Button? We here at Cirrus Insight think it’s an interesting idea. Here’s the release video about it:

To summarize:

  • You get a little button related to a specific brand that connects to your wifi and the Amazon app.
  • Whenever you’re running low on the product you press the button to order more.
  • An order notice is sent to your phone in the Amazon app to cancel if you change your mind.
  • A new shipment of the product shows up at your doorstep two days later.

The goal of the Amazon Dash Button is to save you time and cut out extra effort.

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Writing Sales Emails that Get Responses


There’s no perfect way to send a sales email that will get responses, but there are definitely ways to increase your chances. Getting just 3-5% more responses can make an impact for your business (though you always want to shoot for more).

We’re going to go over some common errors that can hold back the response rate for your emails and look at improvements that can be made throughout an email to get more responses.

Common Errors

The errors below all have the same root issue: not thinking through the eyes of your client. When you think too much from your side of the equation, you miss the client’s perspective and the ways you’ll be able to engage with them.

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Customer Service: A Timeless Business Practice


All business owners know the customer is always right. Well they used to at least… In the digital age of big data and marketing advancements, many businesses are skimping on customer service to focus top of the funnel efforts. This is not a good thing.  The most important thing in running a company is keeping a customer happy.  Mistakes happen, but proper handling of these mistakes can keep a customer loyal.  Entire courses are created around the idea,  specific types of training are made for employees so they can handle customers, and many other fantastic resources for improving customer service skills. I scrounged up 10 quotes I feel hit on every aspect of customer service.


You need to think of the details the customer would only notice if you got them wrong.

– Richard Fertig

Richard is the owner of a VIP executive transportation company. He know his customers have plenty of options and funds to choose his competitors. His business is almost solely built upon customer service and customer experience.  Your customers are not going to notice the small details of their experience unless you get them wrong, otherwise they are simply delighted and they don’t know why. Thats how it should be.


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Cirrus Insight for Android: Go Mobile with Cirrus

You may have missed Cirrus Insight for Android going live a few weeks ago (if you’re an Apple user, we’ve got you covered too with Cirrus Insight for Iphone/Ipad).

We know you want to be able to use Cirrus Insight whenever it’s best for you, and we’ve made that possible with Cirrus Insight for Android. Cirrus will be right there on your Android device.

If you’re already a Cirrus Insight subscriber, you can download the Android app from the Google Play Store, login with your Salesforce account, and get going right away.

Not a subscriber? You can still give it a try. All new users can enjoy a 14-day free trial without a credit card or registration.

Work doesn’t disappear when you’re away from your computer. In fact, your smart phone has probably become a key professional tool for you. With Cirrus Insight for Android you don’t have to wait to be on your computer to use Cirrus Insight.

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5 Things Sales Teams Should Track When Emailing Leads


Email marketing is essential in today’s digital world, but what should your sales team be tracking when emailing leads? There are so many factors to consider, but five of them are more important than the others. If your team focuses on and improves these five factors, then your email marketing will be stronger than ever.


1.  Open Rate 

The open rate shows you how many people opened your email. A low open rate means that few people are interested in your marketing. This almost entirely relies on how effective your email heading is. A flat, boring heading is going to lead to low open rates, which translates to a low ROI for you. Did you know that 33 percent of people open emails based on the subject line alone?

People are so used to emails filled with marketing buzzwords that most of them are instantly deleted or caught by the spam folder. It’s now best to connect with your clients on a more personal level. It’s been shown that conversational, witty titles get a higher open rate because clients feel that the business is closer to them.

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Google Inbox: Future of Email?


Here at Cirrus Insight, we’re big fans of Gmail. It’s one of our primary platforms for integration with Salesforce. But we also want to keep an eye to the future.

Last October, Google unveiled what they hope will be the email of the future: Inbox. Google is hoping for Inbox to eventually replace Gmail in the long-term and be “your email system for the next decade” and is currently rolling it out on an invitation only basis.


What is Inbox?

Inbox is a standalone app that radically changes the typical email experience. The goal of the app is to help you find the information you want faster and keep you away from less important messages that can clog your email.

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Email Tracking: How it Works and Why it’s Helpful


Cirrus Insight has added email and link tracking to our toolset. Whenever you send an email and someone opens it, or clicks a link in the email, you’ll receive a notification. Fairly straightforward, but we wanted to explain how it works and why it’s a useful feature.


What is Email Tracking?

To be technical, it’s a method for monitoring email delivery through the use of a digitally time-stamped record to show the exact time and date an email was opened.

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Choosing an Ideal LinkedIn Profile Pic


You’re probably well aware about the importance of marketing oneself online, and the fact that LinkedIn is the biggest social network for professionals. However, you need make sure you’re making the best use of your profile.

The first thing anyone notices about your profile, and what makes the first big impression, is your profile pic. Now, you don’t need expensive, professional head-shots to have a good picture. If you take the time to follow these guidelines you should end up with a great picture to help market yourself.

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Why a CRM for B2B Benefits the Whole Company


CRMs can be useful for any size of company and fantastic for B2B companies. You’ve likely already heard the buzz around CRMs such as Salesforce. But what is a CRM and how is it actually useful?


What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Simply put, it’s a database about all of your company’s customers and your interactions with them. Instead of having data spread across several different systems, programs, and databases, you can have everything you need in one place.

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