Salesforce Information in All Email Platforms



Cirrus Insight Mobile is fully capable of supporting not just one or two email platforms, but ALL email platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, Lotus Notes, etc. CI Mobile can now better adapt to its customers needs and wants. More importantly, this premium functionality allows CI Mobile to connect with virtually every Salesforce user.


And it doesn’t just stop there.


Most web hosting software programs are restricted to just a few editions. CI Mobile is compatible with every edition of Salesforce ever created. With so many different versions on the market now days, it helps to be 100% compatible with your customers.


Keeping that in mind, the CI Mobile app is currently available to every Salesforce user with an iPhone. Eventually, CI Mobile will be available to virtually every smartphone owner, as it plans to unveil the app to the tablet/Android market.


When asked why they chose Salesforce to use for their business as compared to other CRMs, most small business owners replied with a common variety  of reasons:


  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s easy to set up
  • It’s easy to customize
  • It’s not like other software programs


Because Salesforce is so easy to operate, anything you wish to integrate with Salesforce should be just as easy and simple, right?


That’s just some of what CI Mobile can bring to the table.


CI Mobile With Salesforce: Not Just for G-Mail


Cirrus Insight Mobile was released to the public on July 8th. A new app not like any of its kind, CI Mobile is the “missing link” between your mobile inbox and your Salesforce platform.


Fully integrating your mobile inbox with your Salesforce desktop, CI Mobile combines the maneuverability of Salesforce with the convenience of your mobile device.  So when you’re on the go from one meeting to the next or standing in line at Starbucks, not a moment is wasted. Close important deals immediately and reach out to those potential clients when you have a spare moment all from your email inbox. The benefits of CI Mobile doesn’t stop there, however.

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Dreamforce 2014 includes keynotes from the following: Hillary Clinton, Marc Benioff, Al Gore, and Anthony Robbins. Also, in case you missed him at the Super Bowl, Bruno Mars will be performing live at the conference. As Steve Weber of DeMatteo says, “Dreamforce is half rock concert and half industry show. Anyone who hasn’t been should absolutely go.” Whether you have been or you haven’t, there has never been a better time to sign up. Until August 5, the cost of attendance is just $1099. And With our Dreamforce 2014 promo code though, you can get the cost down to $999.


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Naughty List of Traits in Non-Compliant Salespeople


Salespeople may just be the most important employees you have in your business. An effective and competent sales team is often times what separates your product from other comparable products. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have the best sales team possible. Check out our ‘Naughty List of Traits in Non-compliant Salespeople’ below to make sure you hire and retain only the top salespeople for your company.

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Expert Sales Tips from Startup Sales Conference Speakers


By connecting information to your Gmail inbox (and now to any inbox on our new mobile app), we truly believe we have developed a great product that customers both need and desire. However, even a great app that provides significant value for customers doesn’t sell itself. That’s where our top-notch sales team comes in. At Cirrus Insight, delivering a pitch or demo to a potential client is just as important as the backend work that goes into developing the app.


In fact, our VP of Sales and Business Development, Dwight Foster, recently spoke on the importance of building a solid sales team at the Startup Sales Conference. Before the event though, he had this to say about the search for compatible sales talent:


“More and more startups with strong initial traction have been founded by engineers. Very often “sales” to these founders is like coding is to sales pros. Many founders make the mistake of hiring “seasoned and experienced sales veterans” from traditional and established tech companies…..which is very often too much too soon and results in bad outcomes and lost, valuable time.

Founders should seek out and consult with sales veterans with deep experience that understand the startup landscape and can recommend near, mid, and long term sales plans and strategies often for a fixed fee or company stock tied to specific deliverables and milestones. Beware the temptation to associate successful selling at Oracle or Salesforce to similar success at your company.”


Heed Dwight’s warning and be very careful about the labels you put on these “seasoned and experienced sales veterans.” Sure they were were successful at a larger company, but the startup landscape is very different. Build a sales team that fits within your business and industry before wasting money on a large corporation’s sales talent. For more information about what other startup leaders are saying, check out the Startup Sales Conference blog post here.

Improved Salesforce Email Template Functionality in Gmail

Cirrus Insight is excited to announce several new improvements to our Salesforce email templates in Gmail feature. In conjunction with our recently released email tracking feature, you’ll now be able to see hard data right in the Gmail inbox on which of your email templates is getting the best reception by your prospects and customers.

“This is invaluable for seeing which messaging is working for you and which isn’t. We’ve been extensively testing this feature both internally and with our pilot users, and the response has been tremendous. Tracking Salesforce templates was a frequently requested feature as soon as we released email tracking, so we wanted to get this out as soon as possible,” said Jason Hubbard, Vice President of Marketing for Cirrus Insight.

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7-24-14 Update for Cirrus Insight Mobile adds integration to Salesforce1

Cirrus Insight Mobile is thrilled to announce that we’ve integrated Salesforce1 in our mobile app. Now, when you open the full view of a Salesforce record from our app, you’ll be taken to Salesforce1. This means that the ENTIRE power of Salesforce and Salesforce1, along with all Salesforce1-integrated mobile apps, is at your fingertips from the inbox with the tap of a button!

We’re absurdly excited for this release because we’re the only third-party app that currently integrates with Salesforce1–no other mobile Salesforce solution gives you this ability.

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Cirrus Insight Mobile Uses Microsoft ActiveSync


At Cirrus Insight, Microsoft ActiveSync makes the draw to our new mobile app that much greater. As a licensee of the ActiveSync protocol, we are able to serve users of Exchange/Outlook as well as Google Apps users with IMAP disabled. With our desktop application, we were able to serve Google Apps customers (roughly 20% of the market). Now, with the launch of CI mobile, we can serve nearly 100% of the market for those with iPhones (iPad and Android coming soon). For those Exchange/Outlook customers who have been unable to board the Cirrus Insight bandwagon, now is your chance with Cirrus Insight Mobile.


However, there are probably quite a few of you out there that aren’t tech geeks that want to know a little bit more about Microsoft ActiveSync. Here’s the quick 411:

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Why Businesses Must Go Mobile


Is your business capable of keeping up with the nationwide phenomenon of the smartphone? CEO Marc Benioff has famously said, “Today I run my business from my phone; I could never have imagined that a few years ago.”

Two-thirds of Americans, that’s 65%, have smartphones. In 2013, only 44% Americans owned these highly-advanced devices. So why the increase in popularity? It’s more than just a social trend — people are fond of the instant gratification mobile devices have to offer; they love the idea of pocket-sized computers, having the convenience of the internet at their fingertips.

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