CI Analytics and Salesforce: Go CRM, Go Mobile


With special emphasis on mobile apps, certain CRM softwares are changing the way they operate to better conform to these amends. Salesforce, for example, operates on the belief that one should be able to comfortably work from the office on their mobile device.

Cirrus Insight understands this principle and has developed a product that will make recording your progress and managing accounts just a little easier.

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All Aboard the Analytics Train!


Last month, Salesforce announced it would be adding new mobile reports and a dashboard to improve the analytical capabilities of their mobile app, Salesforce1. Salesforce has placed a strong emphasis on being able to run your business from a mobile phone, and mobile analytics is the natural next step. The new mobile-compatible dashboards and reports will also be customizable, giving the end user complete control over what analytics they want as well as where they can view them. Drill down capabilities are now ready for use on the Salesforce1 Mobile App, and the ability to share these dashboards should be available soon!


But let’s talk a little bit more about the analytics trend that is taking the business world by storm. Analytics has been a buzzword around many offices recently, but why the sudden increase in popularity? What changed in the business landscape that now makes analytics a critical component to most apps and websites?


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Google Set-Up Gadget eliminates Confusion about G-Mail


Is there anything Google can’t do? Is there anything Google can’t find on the internet? You can literally search for your lost car keys, and Google will suggest 22 top places people often find their lost keys. Virtually limitless, Google has much to offer its users. Simply put, there’s very, very, VERY little our favorite search engine cannot do.


However, with all sorts of databases like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, just to name a few…the process of how to handle Google at its best is a little tricky.


That’s why Google has released a brand new Setup Gadget to help those new to G-Mail better understand the capability and functionality of the world’s most popular electronic mail engine. Customized for Google Apps and equipped to assist others in setting up their G-Mail account, users are able to add a profile picture and create an email signature with ease and efficiency. Exclusive features like sending Auto-Responders and undoing a sent email are also available with Google’s new Set-up Gadget.




Once the user has gone through all tutorials, the Set-Up Gadget is hidden and Google automatically dismisses the gadget after two weeks. However, users can relaunch the Set-up Gadget from their Settings tab.

5 Mobile Apps to Boost Salesforce Productivity


Andy Mowat manages a SaaS tools database of more than 300 tools as the Co-Founder & COO at the sales support company, Prialto

We live in a global marketplace, making the ability to conduct business while mobile and from anywhere in the world less of a luxury and more of a necessity. By utilizing a few key mobile applications, your business could see a huge surge in productivity in and outside of the office. Below are just a few examples of five mobile apps that can help take your business to new levels of efficiency.

  1. Salesforce1 Mobile App – If you’re not using a CRM tool with mobile capabilities, you’re missing out. A Nucleus Research survey of CRM decision makers found that organizations could increase productivity by 14.6% by offering a mobile CRM solution. Gone are the days of writing things down and entering them into your CRM software once you get back to the office. Tools like the Salesforce1 Mobile App give salespeople, marketing professionals, customer service reps and management executives a 360-degree view of all things related to their customers at their fingertips. Team members can input notes, log tasks, and update lead or contact records, from anywhere, in real-time.


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Become the Wayne Gretzky of Your Sales Team


The Great One. The greatest hockey player of all time. Even the greatest athlete of all time. Wayne Gretzky has been called many things throughout the years, but he’s never been called a letdown, disappointment, or failure. Wayne Gretzky’s DNA won’t allow him to be satisfied with anything but the best. Those of us that aren’t great hockey players, but want to be the best at other aspects of life, can learn a lot from this legend.


Wayne Gretzky has many quotes that have become immortalized, but these two transcend hockey and have motivated mothers, famous CEOs, little league players, factory workers, and nearly everyone in between.


“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


The late, great CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, adopted the first one as his own to describe what he was trying to do at the Cupertino-based tech company. He didn’t want to be stuck just creating personal computers or even portable music players (where the puck has been). Jobs knew where the puck was going, and he guided the company to unparalleled success with that vision.




The second quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” takes on a bit more of a personal note. My dad reiterated that statement countless times throughout my childhood while playing little league baseball to high school soccer. If you never at least try, then you definitely won’t succeed. A lot of times, even when you do try, you still won’t score. However, it beats the 0% chance of scoring if you don’t shoot.


If you want to become the Wayne Gretzky of your sales team, you need to adopt some of these mindsets. Far too often, salespeople wait and wait for what we call “the perfect sale.” It’s where everything lines up perfectly, you give a flawless pitch, and they buy your product. But the perfect sale is almost as rare as a perfect shot in hockey. Sometimes you just have to shoot and hope it goes in. Very few of the 894 goals Gretzky scored in his career were perfect shots, but perfect shots and decent shots that find a way into the back of the net all count the same.


Don’t be afraid to move forward with a deal even if it isn’t the “perfect sale.” That being said, you never know when an opportunity may materialize and always being ready to make a sale is critical. That’s why we have spent so much time and effort developing our mobile app, Cirrus Insight Mobile. By integrating Salesforce data into your inbox, Cirrus Insight provides access to valuable information about each contact where you speak with them: via email, not on Salesforce. The mobile app provides the same accessibility, except you can now work from basically anywhere!


Cirrus Insight is the #1 app for integrating Salesforce & Google Apps. Now available on your iPhone with iPad and Android versions coming soon!

“Safelet” Wearable Wristband Enhances Security for Women


We recently told you about the various kinds of wearable technology available to consumers today. We told you about Google Glass or Android Wear, for example. Also commonly referred to as “wearables,” these tiny gadgets are highly advanced in their functionality, another reason why consumers jump on the idea of owning one.


From Google Glass to smart watches like the Pebble, these wearable platforms have plenty to offer the user. But nothing has even come close to what a small company in the Netherlands has to offer their users. Everfind says their inspiration for their gadgets like Safelet, or SEALs (Small Electronic Adhesive Labels) comes from their love of women and the desire to protect them in an unsafe world.

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Spending Time on Social Media, a Growing Trend

mobile social media

Around ten years ago in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched a social networking site specifically for the Harvard University he attended. With a year, the site had opened to universities in the UK. By 2006, the network was extended to virtually anyone with a working email address.


Now Facebook has reached to accommodate 1.2 billion monthly active registered users, allocating around $4.48 per user per year. That’s roughly $58,080,000,000 a year. Twitter, on the other hand, has over 255 million monthly active registered users, generating $1.39 per user per year. That’s about $354,450,000 a year.

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Salesforce Universal Search in Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is thrilled to announce the release of Universal Search. That means you can search for ANY object or custom object from within Gmail, which you can then view or edit! To do this, simply click the “Search” tab in Cirrus Insight and then enter in the object and the name of the record you want to search for. Then just hover your mouse over the record to see contextual information and to edit the record.


“Universal search has been a top customer request,” said Tim Hardy, VP Engineering. “We’re excited to bring this new feature to Cirrus Insight in our continuous effort to streamline workflow and enhance productivity for our users.”

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature and any other features you like or want to see implemented. As always, let us know at how we can best serve you.


About Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight, with apps available for Gmail, iPhone, and iPad, is the #1 app for integrating Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps. Sales and support teams love Cirrus Insight for creating and managing leads, contacts, tasks, cases and opportunities – all right from Gmail. With Cirrus Insight users can streamline workflow, boost productivity and increase sales quickly and efficiently. Launched in 2011, Cirrus Insight is based in Irvine, CA.

Cirrus Insight Mobile Gives Customers Email From Anywhere


Finding out what end-customers need and then providing that service has been critical to our success. Like most inventors, we see where the need in the market is, and then it becomes our job to provide the product.


As our Co-founder and CEO, Ryan Huff, states in the video, “We want to be where the end user is, right?  More and more, the workforce is moving mobile. Organizations are taking laptops away from sales people and giving them tablets, forcing them to be mobile.”


We were founded as a solution that integrates Salesforce information into Gmail because there was an outcry for it. Many companies were shifting to Google Apps for email purposes, and there wasn’t a solid solution available to fit with Gmail and Salesforce users. Just as we noticed that many companies were moving to Google Apps for email purposes, we have also noticed that more and more people are checking their emails from their mobile phone.


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Apple’s iPad here to Stay


Seriously. If you think back about five years ago, Apple’s little high-tech tablet had not even been released to the public yet. Smart phones with the glossy touch screen display just barely hit the market in early 2010. The first touch screen mobile device, the HTC Dream, had been in development for nearly two years.


Since 2008, the progression of technology has come a long way in the face of our ever-changing society. Pressured by America’s demands for easy-to-use compatibility and multi-use functionality, companies have more needs to meet; more standards to exceed, when unveiling a new product.  So when the iPad hit the shelves in 2010, modern culture wasn’t exactly sure what happened. Its sleek design and maneuverability wasn’t something ever seen before. And now, Apple’s iPad has become one of the most popular gadgets in use by both businesses and consumers alike. Since June 2014, Apple had sold over 200 million iPads since its release in 2010. There have been 5 versions of the iPad, and speculation suggests the release of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 to be released later this year, according to MacWorld.


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