Salespeople: The Future Lies in Mobile Apps


The traits of a successful salesperson haven’t changed all that much in the past 10 years. However, the tools salespeople use to close deals have changed dramatically in that same time period. Here is a look at why those salespeople who aren’t utilizing mobile apps will soon be (if they are not already) outperformed by those who are.


In the past, potential customers understood that if you are on the road or at an airport, it may take a while to get back to them. Today’s salespeople are no longer afforded that luxury. Customers have always expected a salesperson to be responsive to their individual needs, but now that “responsiveness window” has been drastically condensed. The rise of smartphones and mobile apps has made it possible to work from basically anywhere. Now, potential customers want a quick response, and the salesperson who provides that level of service will get the business.



Any salesperson worth their weight in salt must have a CRM mobile app on their smartphone. At Cirrus Insight, we use, and Salesforce1 (SFDC’s mobile app) has the capability to provide real-time CRM information, analytics, and more in the palm of your hand. Knowing more about a lead or opportunity puts you miles ahead of the competition who may be going in blind, or at least unable to get the latest information when on the road.



While having that information is critical, you don’t talk to your leads and opportunities in Salesforce. For the most part, communication occurs through email and phone calls. Imagine the time you could save by displaying all the Salesforce information on a lead in your mobile inbox. Now you can, with the other mobile app that no salesperson should be without: Cirrus Insight Mobile.


Opportunities no longer wait for you to get back to your computer, making mobile apps and capabilities all the more crucial. Inherently, salespeople spend a lot of time on the road, making a traditional desktop or even laptop with internet access tough to access regularly. With these two and other mobile sales apps, you no longer need to.


Check out Apperian’s site and Enterprise Mobility Sales Enablement subset for more articles and tips on how to utilize your mobile phone to increase sales.

What is Click-to-Run?


Have you ever heard of Netflix before? How about Spotify? For all intensive purposes, Microsoft Office’s Click-to-Run capability operates the same way. When you watch a movie on Netflix or listen to a song on Spotify, the movie/song doesn’t completely download before you can begin enjoying it. The first 5-10 minutes of a movie downloads, allowing you to begin watching. The rest will then download while you watch the movie.


Up until a few years ago, it would have been almost unimaginable to stream the amount of data required to play a movie, listen to your favorite album, or even create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Now, thanks to technological improvements, streaming has gone mainstream in both of the fields of both music and movies. Who says software can’t operate the same way?


Click-to-Run is Microsoft’s solution for being able to work on Office before the entire suite downloads to your computer. By streaming the product, you can actually “click to run Office” instead of “click to download data, wait a few minutes, and then launch Office.” The second one doesn’t have quite the ring to it.


Click-to-Run takes up about half the disk space compared to that of the normal downloadable products. It also updates automatically, eliminating the need to be constantly bombarded with pesky messages informing you to upgrade your version of Office when you login to Word, Excel, or other applications.


Unfortunately, Click-to-Run is currently only available for Office Home and Student 2010 as well as Office Home and Business 2010 when downloading the product directly from Microsoft. Also, some anti-malware solutions may not be compatible with Microsoft’s virtualization technology (what drives Click-to-Run) quite yet. If you are having trouble running getting Click-to-Run, that may be your problem. Take a look at this article to see if your problem is related to an anti-malware application.


If you use, make sure you check out our newest product for Microsoft Office 365 that integrates your Outlook inbox with Salesforce data. Feel free to reach out in the comments below if you still have any questions about Click-to-Run or our product!


A Comparison Of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps

Office 365 vs. Google Apps

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps are the two dominant players in the cloud-based application arena currently. But how do the two compare when stacked up next to each other? The above chart shows a comparison of similar features that each platform has to offer. If you can’t tell based on their product offerings above, both companies offer great products and neither has a resounding lead over the other. Where one Google application may have a slight upper-hand, Microsoft will have another application that is marginally superior.


That being said, either will probably work for your company. Ask around and talk to customers, suppliers, partners, etc. to see how Microsoft or Google works for them. However, we want offer a guide that provides a comparison of some of the subtle distinctions between Office 365 and Google Apps.


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Get the 411 on Office 365



Remember five years ago when all Microsoft Office was was just a few fancy programs of Outlook and Word? Now, Microsoft is back front in center in the arena of computer software, with their improvements to their cloud-based platform. With Office 365, Microsoft users can fully experience a digital capability like never before.

You might have your preconceptions about what the Microsoft cloud software has to offer, but let’s clear up any confusion…

Microsoft Office 365 is pretty much the best thing ever.

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Salesforce for Outlook latest updates



Interested in learning more about what’s new in the latest version of Salesforce for Outlook?  Take a look at the three links below to check out the most recent update, get started, or learn a broad overview from a few videos!  Using Office 365?  Check out Cirrus Insight to integrate Salesforce with Office 365.

Workflow, A Must for Optimized Mobile


How do you integrate business workflows into your increasingly mobile workforce?  I discuss the guidelines we use to make sure tasks can be done on either a workstation or a mobile device without compromise.


The process you need to think about are mobile actions.  These are little steps that can be done on a mobile device instead of a computer.  If you facilitate these little transactions and give users a framework to accomplish their tasks, you are on your way to integrating mobile into your business workflow.  Each action should be able to be completed on a computer or mobile device, so you need to offer your mobile users the same capability, kind of.

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Strategy for Implementing Salesforce In Your Inbox


“In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.”
– Jack Welch

We pick our general direction by listening to our customers.  Customers are asking us to integrate Salesforce with their inboxes:


We launched Cirrus Insight three years ago as the first app to integrate Salesforce with Gmail. We continue to innovate by adding more features and functionality to the app.

Office 365

We launched Cirrus Insight for Office 365 yesterday as the first and only app to integrate Salesforce with Office 365 to serve users of Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App on any device.


We launched Cirrus Insight for iPhone two months ago as the first app to deliver deep Salesforce integration with the iPhone inbox.


We’ll be launching Cirrus Insight for iPad in a couple weeks!


Cirrus Insight for Android is well underway.  We’ll keep you posted.

What’s Next

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of amazing ideas from our customers. As a result, we’ve added a few “general directions” to our roadmap and we’re implementing like hell.  Stay tuned!

4 Reasons Why Microsoft Office 365 Will Rock Your World


Microsoft and software have been almost synonymous since Bill Gates founded the company. However, due to rapid changes in the industry, Microsoft has leapt into the Software as a Service (SaaS) battleground with Office 365 to compete with the likes of Google Apps and others. Check out what the ‘King of Software’ has done with their cloud platform and the four reasons why Microsoft Office 365 may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.


1.  Costs Savings


Instead of spending the $219.00 – $399.00 necessary to purchase the newest version of Office 2013 (Business or Professional), you can save a substantial amount of money by subscribing to Office 365 for $6.99-$9.99. This cost saving also comes with an increase in flexibility because you no longer have to worry about the sunk costs associated with a larger lump-sum payment up front.

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