Using Long-tail SEO to Improve Google Search Results


So you want to rank on the first page of Google’s search results? Surprise, surprise. Who doesn’t? There are thousands (if not millions) of people online that want to rank on the first page just like you. In fact, try to wrap your mind around how much competition exists out there with this statistic from Eric Schmidt of Google:


The same amount of information created from the dawn of humanity through 2003 is now replicated every 48 hours.


Needless to say, there’s a lot of noise out there on the World Wide Web for the average consumer to sort through. But, for the the vast majority of those consumers, finding the right article or webpage lies in the hands of the search engine giant Google.


So if you are selling a product or service, the best way to gain recognition is to appear on the search results for a specific need on Google. For example, we offer a tool that integrates information in Gmail and Salesforce here at Cirrus Insight. Our search marketing strategy revolves around being one of the first links that pops up whenever someone googles “Gmail Salesforce integration” and other related keywords.


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New Salesforce Tools for Apple Watch


With the advent of the Apple Watch, wearables are being pushed as the next big gadget for daily use. The new Apple Watch will be launching April 24, will be integrated with iPhone, and will allow you to discover new information right on your wrist.


Keeping up with the changing technology and user desires, Salesforce has recently released three new products designed to work with Apple Watch which will make your Salesforce information only a quick glance away.


The three new products are Salesforce Analytics, Salesforce1, and Salesforce Wear Developer Pack for Apple Watch.


Salesforce Analytics

The Analytics app integrates data from a wide range of sources, not just Salesforce, and allows you to see company metrics and comparisons of data at your finger tips. You can easily access analytic dashboards, lens, or summaries with swipes of your finger to view information such as sales over time, team performances, and company statistics.


The app can work seamlessly between your Apple Watch and iPhone and also features a voice search function to find what you’re looking with ease. The app is free with a paid license of Analytics Cloud.



Salesforce1 is an instant notification app that allows real time alerts and synchs with your employee community to keep information flowing smoothly throughout the company.


You can see and approve sales notifications, and receive service, marketing, and community updates. If wait times are exceeding expectations or if a marketing goal has been reached, you will know about it instantly.


Salesforce Wear Developer Pack for Apple Watch

The Salesforce Wear Developer Pack for Apple Watch, as the name implies, lets you create apps for Apple Watch that can connect directly to the Salesforce1 Platform by providing users with a collection of open-source starter apps. Developers will be able to interact and connect customers, partners, employees, and products however they feel is best while still having the identity, security, and other shared services of the Salesforce1 platform.


According to Salesforce, “the Salesforce Wear Developer Kit provides implementations and typical patterns for enterprise authentication, Salesforce API notifications and working with Mobile SDK response objects.”



How Can Cirrus Insight Help?

Cirrus Insight already integrates Gmail or Office 365 with Salesforce to make sure your use of the new Salesforce products will be as speedy and functional as possible.


After almost 800 reviews in the Salesforce AppExchange, Cirrus Insight has a 4.8 star rating.  Boosting your company’s productivity and saving you time is what we do best. We look forward to continue integrating with other Salesforce apps to allow you to get the most out of Salesforce.

What Effective Generals and Email Marketers Have in Common


War. It has profoundly affected and even defined human existence since the beginning of recorded history.


The ability to win wars has directly correlated to power and influence for both individuals and nations. For example, try to think of some of the most powerful/influential people you can remember… I’m sure names like Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, George Washington, and Napoleon Bonaparte came to mind. Every one of these individuals dramatically shaped the course of human history, and each one had valuable opinions that can be transplanted outside the context of winning wars.


Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French military and political leader, once said:


“War is ninety percent information.”


For someone who ruled an empire spanning most of mainland Europe, attributing 90% of his success to having the right information is quite a statement. The Duke of Wellington, the English general who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, made the statement that having Napoleon on your side was worth as much as 40,000 men on the battlefield. So just the right information equates to 36,000 men using that logic.


While Napoleon used information to win wars and gain political influence, a similar parallel can be drawn to success in modern business.


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Support for Custom Fields When Saving Emails from Gmail to Salesforce

Take a look at this:



That’s the Cirrus Insight Add-to-Salesforce dialog window with a custom Notes field in it.


And that’s a Configuration button in the dialog, too!


We’ve added the ability to Edit the Add-to-Salesforce Layout. In our own environment, we’ve added a custom “Notes” field that we’re displaying so that we can add notes in ADDITION to saving an email from Gmail into Salesforce.


Cirrus Insight can pull in any custom field that you have on the task page layout in Salesforce. If you have Configure App permissions in Salesforce, then you can just click the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the dialog and you’ll be taken to a screen where you can edit the Cirrus Insight layout.


Take a look:



Happy Monday!


And we have a number of big updates coming in the next few months so get ready for a great spring!


The Pros and Cons of the Salesforce App for Outlook


Salesforce recently launched its Salesforce App for Outlook for Outlook and Office 365.  It’s the latest development in’s partnership with Microsoft.


  • It’s 100% cloud based.Salesforce has another application for Outlook called Salesforce for Outlook that requires end users to install the application.  It can be difficult to install and maintain Salesforce for Outlook on different versions of Outlook across multiple PCs.  The Salesforce App for Outlook cloud application avoids the administrative and IT headaches and is compatible with Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App.  Users of earlier versions of Outlook will still need to use Salesforce for Outlook.
  • It brings Salesforce information into the inbox.You can view related Salesforce contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, and cases when you receive an email in Outlook.  As a result, you don’t have to leave Outlook to look up important information inside Salesforce.


The Salesforce App for Outlook is currently in beta and has important limitations.

  • You can’t log emails from Outlook to Salesforce.
  • You can’t create new Salesforce leads, contacts, accounts, cases, opportunities, tasks, events, and other records from Outlook.
  • You can’t update Salesforce leads, contacts, accounts, cases, opportunities, tasks, events, and other records from Outlook.
  • You don’t have access to create or update records with record types, custom fields, dependent picklists, etc.
  • You can’t access custom objects.
  • You can’t track your emails so see when recipients open your emails.
  • You can’t use Salesforce templates inside Outlook.
  • You can’t sync your Outlook calendar with Salesforce.


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Does Your Gmail Inbox Resemble the $5 Movie Bin at Wal-Mart?


I recently walked into Wal-Mart to buy a copy of one of my favorite movies of all time:  The Shawshank Redemption. It had been a while since I had actually bought a physical DVD. Normally I watch movies via streaming services like Netflix or the occasional Redbox rental. However, I thought it would be worth owning the movie adaptation of this classic Stephen King story. I was surprised to see the way Wal-Mart organizes their DVDs has drastically changed since I last purchased a movie.


Instead of having most movies organized on rows as I expected, all but the new-releases seem to be carelessly tossed into giant bins like the one seen above. I eventually found a copy of The Shawshank Redemption, but not before spending five minutes digging for it. I walked out of the store with a bad taste in my mouth, despite the fact I left with what I came for.


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Android for Work: Getting Down to Business


It may be another Friday the 13th, but that doesn’t mean it’s not your lucky day if you are an Android user! Google recently announced the Android for Work platform, a massive enhancement for the world’s most popular operating system. Consumers have widely adopted Android, but the enterprise mostly stuck with the more time-tested iOS when going mobile. Android for Work allows the Google-owned operating system to get down to business. Literally.


With Android for Work fully set in motion, it’s only a matter of time before Android mobile devices are just as common around the office as iPads and iPhones. We don’t want Google to have all the fun though. That’s why we’ve rolled our Cirrus Insight for Android beta today!



Android for Work

Apple and Samsung have long recognized the need of enterprise administrators to have user-friendly and easily deployable mobile software. Now Google has joined the party. Below are some of the key features of the Android for Work platform.


  • Improved Data Security – It’s now easy to keep business and personal data and applications separate with the dedicated Work Profile. With a barrier between personal and work information, preventing accidental data leakage now becomes much more manageable. In addition, business data on your Work Profile is encrypted and can be remotely wiped with VPN support.


  • Secured Applications – All third-party applications are approved, configured, and deployed by IT, and they are distributed by Google Play for Work.


  • Standardized Control Across Devices – Policy control, business features built into all Android 5.0, and the ability to manage android devices with standard APIs with a single enterprise mobility management (EMM) console give management much better governance over how mobile devices are used.


Information on the countless other features can be found on the Android for Work site HERE!


Cirrus Insight for Android

As a complement to the new workplace functionality of Android, we wanted to provide users the ability to track and save emails to Salesforce from an Android device. The beta launched today, and we look forward to continuing to make the lives of our customers easier on any device or operating system.


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Read the Cirrus Insight for Android Release Notes for more information.


Cirrus Insight for Android Release Notes


We’ve had a ton of success with our Cirrus Insight for iOS app. It’s been so popular, in fact, that the most common question over the last year has been: when are you coming out with an Android app? 

Right now, actually!

That’s right, Cirrus Insight for Android is now open for beta!


Request a Beta Invite


We’re launching our public beta that includes our core features. Now, you can save emails to Salesforce, see exactly when people open your emails, and use the cleanest, best-looking inbox on the market right from your phone!

As we iterate and develop our mobile app to bring the full functionality of Salesforce into your inbox, you can get in on the ground floor (for free!) and help us make this the best app possible. Here are some resources to get you started:

How-To Videos 

User Manual

Knowledge Base 

Got any questions or comments about the app? Ping us directly at

Cirrus Insight and Higher Education


One of the most recent trends for organizations of all sizes, governments, and nonprofits has been making a transition to the cloud. Higher ed institutions have not escaped this shift. Academic institutions constantly preach the value of collaboration, but now it’s time to put their money where their mouth is. Luckily, the cloud provides the perfect platform for improved collaboration between students and educators.


For companies like Salesforce and ourselves here at Cirrus Insight, it’s our job to help make that change as effortless as possible. In fact, Salesforce has been hosting a Higher Ed Summit each of the past three years with attendees from every corner of the U.S. We had the opportunity to attend this year, and we’re proud to be able to be part of the solution for a more seamless migration to the cloud for many higher ed institutions.


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Succeeding in E-Commerce: Top 7 Apps Every Shopify User Should Know



An online business has to be prepared for the e-commerce environment. Everything from the quality of the product to how it is marketed online can ultimately affect the success of your venture. Apps available to Shopify businesses make it possible to target different services and processes that can cause a business to fail or succeed. There are numerous apps that can enhance outreach, delivery, tracking and the overall customer experience. Shopify apps can be extremely helpful for small businesses in the e-commerce environment.



Chimpified is another app that could assist marketing departments. One of the most important activities in running an online store is having a sound list-building mechanism. The Chimpified app is a good resource for accomplishes everything you could want in a business. Customers that have previously done business with your company in the past are automatically added to your list. The list can be segmented for targeted campaigns developed around customer behaviors.


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