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10 Ways Cirrus Insight Makes Your Work in Sales 10X Easier

10 Ways Cirrus Insight Makes Your Work in Sales 10X Easier

Maddy Osman

By Maddy Osman on Mar 06, 2019

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In sales, there’s the way you should do things and the way you could do things. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with over 150,000 customers, you should be using Salesforce to better connect with and serve your customers. But you could be doing so more strategically and efficiently.

Tools like Salesforce are widely accepted as the industry standard for a reason, but simply adopting it “as is” won’t automatically accelerate sales efforts. There are a number of tools on the market for better organizing sales teams, but first, you need to be conscious of where your inefficiencies lie before expecting overnight results.

Cirrus Insight is one such tool that integrates alongside Salesforce to streamline and improve your work process. This bundle of solutions helps to increase productivity and alleviate busy work that arises when modern businesses aren’t effectively leveraging the technology at their fingertips.

Consider these 10 ways Cirrus Insight makes your work in sales 10X easier.

#1: Cirrus Insight Keeps Your Sales Team in Sync

It’s easy to think of sales as an “every person for themselves” type of job. But when teams are faced with quarterly goals that directly impact company growth, siloing data across individual sales reps works against everyone’s bottom line.

This is exactly what Salesforce can solve, with the caveat that a sales team must actually transfer information from their inboxes to the shared platform. The integrative capabilities of Cirrus Insight make Salesforce adoption second nature, allowing teams to learn from each other and switch tactics as needed. Saving information to Salesforce happens easily and allows sales teams to focus on best practices selling techniques.

#2: Cirrus Insight Automates Your Salesforce Workflow

Automation is the name of the game when it comes to productivity. Instead of wasting hours manually transferring data from your email inbox to Salesforce, why not automate the process?

Cirrus Insight allows you to easily add new data into Salesforce directly from your inbox. You can then edit and update imported contacts, activities, and events as needed, at any time for the sake of better tracking opportunities over time.

#3: Cirrus Insight Empowers You to Send Emails at Optimal Times

The schedules of your potential customers do not need to dictate your own, especially during those early stages when you’re weighing whether or not to disqualify incoming leads.

With Cirrus Insight’s Send Later feature, you can write emails at night, then schedule them for sending out first thing in the morning. You can make sure you’re getting in front of customers at the right times without boxing yourself into a set range of working hours. You don’t have to sacrifice effectiveness for flexibility.

#4: Cirrus Insight Eliminates the Annoying Back and Forth that Typical Comes with Scheduling

Your ability to close on deals shouldn’t rely on a neverending exchange of back and forth prospect emails. At least, not when meetings could be set up with one email alone.

Cirrus Insight’s Enterprise Scheduling feature gives you the option to insert your meeting availability into the body of your email (or as a personal scheduling page). Simply direct potential clients to select when works best for them from the options provided. Then, everything is automatically updated on your calendar. This helps you stay organized by preventing double bookings and keeping communications top-of-mind with customers.

#5: Cirrus Insight Fills in Your Salesforce Contact Blanks

The more robust your Salesforce contact information, the better. Of course, it doesn’t seem like a worthwhile endeavor when you’re up to your eyeballs in more pressing tasks.

Rather than scour the internet for details around an intro you just made at a networking event or warm lead in your inbox, let Cirrus Insight’s Side Panel do the heavy lifting. Powered by InsideView, all you need to do is plug in an email address to the ‘To’ line of an email message draft to generate information about your contact that includes name, title, company, location, phone number, and more.

#6: Cirrus Insight Makes Personalization Quick and Easy

Decision-makers are constantly bombarded with offers and pitches. To make yourself stand out from the crowd, personalizing your sales content is more crucial than ever. With that being said, customizing communications across every single prospect takes quite a bit of time and thought of if you’re not using the right tools or a solid process.

Cirrus aims to cut back on some of that time needed with customizable drip campaigns. You can set up lead generation workflows automatically and target contacts with specific content based on how they interact with your emails.

#7: Cirrus Insight Helps You Build Your Email List

In order to personalize email campaigns, of course, you need emails. Cirrus Insight’s Attachment Tracking feature makes it easy for you to send and track presentations, proposals, pitch decks, and more.

Additionally, for the sake of sales marketing, you can also use it to set up opt-in functionality on a website. With a simple form, it gives you the ability to easily facilitate email collection and document delivery for lead generation.

#8: Cirrus Insight Helps You Learn What Works and What Doesn’t for Sales Strategy

Another useful feature of Cirrus Insight’s Attachment Tracking is reporting. The built-in analytics dashboard provides insight around how your recipients interact with documents sent their way.

You can gather data points around how much of an attachment was viewed, the number of lifetime views per lead on a document, and who gets forwarded an attachment. Over time, you can begin to learn which pieces of content are succeeding at moving a sale along and which ones could use some updating or nixing altogether.

#9: Cirrus Insight Maximizes Your Email Sends with Salesforce Templates

When you’re trying to remain mindful of personalized introductions and responses, in addition to following up with interested parties, it may feel as if you spend 100% of your time sending emails. Thankfully, Cirrus makes it easy to control and customize the templates housed in Salesforce.

Anyone of your sales team can then pull these templates directly into their own inboxes and edit as they see fit.

#10: Cirrus Insight Gives Your Insight Around How and When to Follow Up

Don’t let a sale fizzle out on account of zero follow up.

On average, it can take 5 to 7 touchpoints with a prospect to actually close a deal. So whether or not you receive a response to your initial emails, make sure to set up Follow-Up notifications and keep the lines of communication open.

Final Thoughts: 10 Ways Cirrus Insight Makes Your Work in Sales 10X Easier

Time and patience are necessary evils when working in sales, but they can be spent wisely. With tools like Salesforce and Cirrus Insight at your disposal, you can manage every stage of the selling process seamlessly and produce a greater return for your efforts at the same time.

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